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Send Proposals & Get Paid

Do you ever spend time chasing customers for that initial payment once they've accepted your proposal, quote, or estimate? We know that even though they have accepted your proposal, you often need to collect a payment before you can get started, and we've created a...

How to Choose the Best Business Proposal Software

Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to make their workflow easier and more efficient. One of the best ways a business can better their workflow is to implement new proposal software and increase the quality of their proposals. Of course, the best online...

How to Build a Powerful Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

When it comes to fundraising, it’s critical to have great sponsors who support the organization and the event. Regardless of whether or not the event is big or small, sponsors are important because they add a level of legitimacy to the efforts of the organization...

How To Write a Proposal That Wins

Competition is part of human nature. We are born with a desire to win. As children, we compete in games such as red rover, tag, kickball, and musical chairs. As adults, we compete for jobs, promotions, and entrepreneurial opportunities. For many of us, our own jobs...

How to Craft a Winning Proposal Template For Your Small Business

Creating a strong proposal that outshines the competition is a tall order, but it allows the best opportunity to win a new client. A proposal provides an opportune moment that allows a business to showcase how their product or service is the answer to a particular...

6 Considerations For Your Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Businesses will often share valuable and confidential information with employees. Items that could be confidential to a specific business could include a sales deck, a list of email addresses, a manufacturing process, or an algorithm used by a defense contractor. This...

6 Estimate Templates You Need for a Construction Job

Writing an estimate for a construction job can be difficult. Many modern construction professionals have taken to using construction estimate templates to help them in their efforts to write effective estimates. This often includes, but is not limited to the costs of...

Before You Buy: 5 Sales Proposal Software Considerations

Sales Proposal Software to Close the Deal Your sales team works tirelessly to close deals for your business. A sales team not only has to overcome the competition, but they must also know the company's key decision-makers inside and out. Sales proposal software can...

4 Things To Know When Creating a Lease Agreement Template

It might make sense for you to create a new lease agreement form or a simple rental agreement letter each time you get a new tenant. If you only have a few units that you need to fill and the tenants in your units typically stay for an extended period of time, it’s...

Why You Need a Price Quote Template in Your Proposal

Proposals are a vital piece for any successful sales strategy, no matter the size of the company or the industry the company’s in. Companies often spend countless hours and an incredible amount of manpower in order to perfect these proposals. However, this can lead to...

How Contract Management Software Can Improve Your Business

Anyone who deals with contracts on a day-to-day basis understands that contracts are more than just an administrative part of your business. Contracts are fundamentally important to any business and are often considered the backbone of the sales process. That’s why...

Why Proposal Management Software is Worth The Investment

It’s not a secret that many proposals are doomed to be ignored by your prospects. Whether it’s due to your proposal being too long, poorly designed, or simply that their priorities shifted, any of these issues can impact the likelihood of your proposal being ignored. ...

How Contract Templates Benefit These 4 Industries

Contract templates are a great resource to help companies save time and money. Contracts are one of the most important types of documents that any business will need to produce. It’s important to get the information you need in a contract because it typically outlines...

Important Tips to Help You Learn How to Write a Proposal

Learning how to write a proposal sounds difficult at first, but with the right tools at your fingertips, creating a project proposal has never been easier. One of the most important aspects of writing a project proposal is making sure it will grab the attention of...

Top 5 Business Proposal Examples to Wow Your Prospects

Want to make a great impression at your next meeting with a prospect? Using a polished business proposal template is a surefire way to put yourself on the best footing—but only if your business proposal ideas and presentation are worthwhile. Free business proposal...

7 Innovative Ideas to Improve Your Go-To Proposal Template

As a business owner, manager, or salesperson, you understand the importance of having an effective proposal management process in place. Creating sales proposals is a necessary process and one that is vital to business operations. How do you stand out and turn those...

6 Traits of a Heavy-Lifting Sales Proposal Template

Those who have experience in the sales industry writing sales proposals understand that sales and marketing proposal templates can take many different forms. Of course, some sales proposal examples are far more effective than others. It’s important for those who work...

How to Sell Proposal Management Software to Your Boss

Bosses don't become bosses unless they’re confident and decisive. So how can you sell proposal management software your supervisor who’s used to relying on their intuitive sense and instincts? Do you show them a checklist of what defines the best proposal software in...

The 4 Features You Should Look for in a Contract Creator

For startups, freelancers, contractors, and other small business owners, creating sales proposals is a necessary and vital part of operations. But the creation and management of sales proposals can be a nightmare as it takes you away from the actual part of your...

5 Culture Improvements You Can Create with a Contract Maker

If your company or business works with contracts frequently, chances are you are familiar with the concept of contract lifecycle management (CLM). This concept is key for any agency or organization that depends on contracts for revenue. The purpose of the typical...

A Day in the Life of a Proposal Manager

Proposal managers keep business relationships alive. The proposal manager coordinates communications with potential clients and clarifies the deliverables and terms of the business relationship. Then the proposal manager reviews and presents (sometimes after writing)...

6 Pitfalls Contract Management Software Helps You Avoid

Contracts play an important role in governing the daily operations of a business. These legal documents help improve communication, boost workplace productivity, and maintain external relationships. However, contract management can be a time-intensive and paper-heavy...

Which Six Sigma Belt is Your Contract Management Process Wearing?

An efficient contract management workflow is essential for any business to keep up with contracts with employees, partners, vendors, and customers. As a vital backbone to the customer lifecycle, it’s important to have a dedicated software for your contract management...

7 Powerful Ways Proposal Software Can Save You Time

Business competition is tough, and writing better business proposals is key to winning contracts. Sales teams know that writing sales proposals can be time-consuming. But, without a detailed review of your company's offerings and detailed terms, buyers will not know...

What to look for in a proposal app… and what you’ll find.

The success of any organization relies on its ability to win proposals. This is often difficult when you have to spend hours manually curating images, inputting estimates, outlining scope, coming up with recommendations, creating timelines, and following up. A good...

Is Your Sales Process Flow Chart Holding You Back?

Have you ever considered that if you’re in sales, you most likely have a sales process flowchart running through your mind? We all do, even if we don’t necessarily think about it like that. The idea here is that we each have a sales process flow chart template that we...

4 Ways to Instantly Upgrade your Sales Proposals

As they say, content is king, and it's more important than ever for sales teams to write compelling sales content that will stand above the competition. Unfortunately, most businesses are stuck in the past - delivering un-inspired proposals in the form of lifeless...

New: Content Blocks

With content blocks, you can save and re-use any of your sales content in smaller chunks for better organization and quicker content creation. This is useful when you need to re-use small bits of content throughout your proposals as you customize them for your current...

Collaborating on Sales Proposals Is Hard – We Make it Simple

Landing a prospect may be a battle, but another war rages in the hours leading up to sending out that perfect proposal. Before ever seeing the signature on the dotted line, salespeople have to endure a lengthy process of building the proposal, getting it...

Sales Contracts – Don’t do deals without ’em

Sales contracts, also commonly referred to as contracts of sale or sales orders are legal documents that state the purchase of goods or services from a seller at a predetermined price. It is essentially an agreement contract between two parties (the buyer and the...

How to Crush Your Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is quite self-explanatory. It’s a salesperson’s or business owner’s method of persuasion when trying to convince someone to purchase a product or service.  While that seems relatively straightforward, there’s a lot more that goes into the honing and...

Increase sales efficiency with Sales Enablement (2019)

In this increasingly digital world, you now have access to mountains of data to help your sales process. Data about your market. Data about your prospects. Data proving the usefulness of your product. It can take sales reps and their teams hours to sort through this...

4 Easy Ways to Shorten your Sales Cycle

Long sales cycles are a universal problem. They delay revenue, put deals in jeopardy and frustrate sales teams and executive leadership. It takes time and careful analysis to identify sales roadblocks and streamline the sales cycle from start to finish. But what if...

Why Your Sales Proposals Need an Upgrade

The Need Experts in the field of sales and marketing rarely agree on anything, but lately, there seems to be one thing they’re nearly unanimous on: If you’re not using modern proposal software to support your sales efforts, you are falling behind. A recent study...

Top Sales Tools to Streamline your Sales Process in 2020

If you're like a lot of companies, your sales process feels like a tangled mess that could use some TLC & streamlining as you move into the new year. There are many tools that can help you start decluttering your process and we've outlined our top picks for the...

4 Tips for Writing Winning Sales Proposals

Many sales proposals we've seen are overly long, poorly thought out, and many are downright embarrassing. Whether it’s a lack of simplicity or a failure to understand the customer, many sales proposals are doomed to be ignored by your prospect. But, your proposal...

6 Tips for Creating Sales Emails That Get Replies

It’s not enough to simply have a great sales proposal ready to present to a prospect. If you send your sales proposal unsolicited, it’s highly likely that it will just get ignored. To help you get your foot in the door and give your sales proposal a fighting chance,...

10 Topics to Discuss at Your Next Sales Department Meeting

It’s hard to find a salesperson who’s enthusiastic about attending meetings. It’s understandable – most people in sales are about action and delivering results. Introspection does not always come easy when there’s leads to be tracked down. However, meetings are a...

Be The Salesperson Your Clients Love

Even as we try to take craft and deliver the perfect sales proposal, we understand that there is sometimes a very real aversion to salespeople. In pop culture, salespeople are rarely, if ever, portrayed in a flattering light. If you’ve ever seen Glengarry Glen Ross,...

3 Big Ideas for your Next Sales Proposal

So your last sales proposal was a raging success. Or maybe it bombed. Maybe it just did OK. In any case, perfect sales proposals don’t exist. No matter what you do, there’s always something you can do to make the next one a bit better. Here are 3 big ideas that can...

Proposable Top Tech in Indiana

Proposable Recognized as a Leader in the Indianapolis Tech Scene by G2 Crowd Proposable has been identified as one of the best software and services companies in Indianapolis, based on its high levels of customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend ratings from...

Pipedrive CRM Addon and Estimate Updates

Connect Pipedrive with Proposable We're excited to announce our newest integration with Pipedrive - The CRM for people who hate CRM's. Pipedrive has managed to make it ultra-easy for small businesses to manage their contacts and sales pipeline. And now, you can...

Proposal Collaboration

Collaboration is an easy way for your team to work together on your proposals. With Proposal Collaboration, you can: Invite team members to discuss and edit your proposal Receive notifications when you are mentioned Add tasks and assign to team members Add important...

Year End Review

We're almost through the whirlwind that was 2016 and we're taking a moment to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and to give you our year-end update from the Proposable Team. **if you're ready to power up your sales process and increase your close rates by 3X, use...

Increase Delivery Rate Through Proposable

Many software providers give you the ability to contact your customers using either their email delivery system or a 3rd party mailer. This at times causes emails to go into the ether and likely end up in their spam or junk box, Well, today we've changed that. We now...

5 Tips for Closing More Deals Faster

The role of the salesperson is challenging no matter what the industry, and every member of a sales team feels the stress and excitement of the losses and wins each day as they work through their pipeline. Although there are innumerable factors that influence the...

e-signature workflow

  Proposable now lets you place signature fields throughout your proposal and setup custom acceptance workflows for each proposal you deliver. Need to collect signatures in specific areas of your proposal? Need your customer to sign on multiple pages? Need to...

2016 Roadmap

Here's a sneek-peek of what we've been busy working on during the first couple weeks in 2016. The new Collaboration Sidebar will set your sales team up for quicker interaction and tighter communication within each proposal that gets created and sent out. This new...

How To Write a Web Design Proposal Template

When writing a Web Design Proposal, you must follow a handful of simple rules in order to be successful. These rules are meant to be broken, but at a minimum, you need to have a good replacement for them. It's not about the "perfect" proposal, it's about what your...

Hot Off The Press: Updates & More

Here's a quick update on what we've been working on over here at Proposable. Also, we wanted to give you a peek into what's coming really soon. Happy selling! Freshly-Baked Free Proposal Templates Check out the latest professionally designed proposal templates. As...

Sales Stats for Sales Teams

"How can I increase sales?" This is the most common question sales managers and owners ask themselves. But understanding how you are closing sales and who is your top salesperson is crucial in knowing the answer. It's critical that you are aware of patterns pertaining...

4 Estimate Features You Don’t Want to Miss

Optional Line Items: By popular demand, you can now make line items "optional" within your estimate. Use optional items to creatively upsell your prospects and/or give them a "menu" of items to choose from.   Optional Item Quantities: With the simple check of a...

Custom Merge Tags

Custom Merge Tags empower you to auto-populate your proposal, contract, or document with customer-specific data and speed up your time-to-delivery. Custom merge tags work best with data that will always be unique for each new proposal delivery. With Custom Merge Tags,...

Insightly Integration with Proposable

Here at Proposable, we are very particular about which products we partner with and this is why we handpicked Insightly as one of our preferred integrations. For those of you who don’t know,  Insightly is a powerful and user-friendly small and mid-sized business CRM...

3 Enterprise Features You Should Know About

Introducing 3 Proposable Features For Enterprise We're excited to announce our Enterprise Plan, built for organizations that require more flexibility within their sales teams, departments, processes, and reporting. The Enterprise plan starts with...

March 2015 Update

In this article we're updating you with all the new features and recent changes we've added to Proposable. Many of these changes come from readers and our valued users/customers like you so don't hesitate to contact us and provide your feedback and requests to...

Proposal Best Practices Webinar

On Tuesday February 17, 2015 at 11am PST, we will be holding a “How To” Training webinar for Proposable and we’d love to personally invite you. Here we’ll cover a few things such as: - How to create your first template or using our Sample Templates - Setting up your...

4 More Reasons Proposable is #1

Here at Proposable, we're excited about what's coming up in 2015 and want share our latest and greatest features and improvements. Most of what we add comes from our users so we're not adding things you don't need. We encourage you to keep giving us ideas of what...

Big Things Happening!

Big Things Happening at Proposable! Lots of new features, updates, integrations, and bug fixes happening here at Proposable and we couldn't be more excited about what's in the pipeline. We have been receiving so much great feedback from you, our awesome customers, and...

Proposable 2.0 Webinar

For those of you that missed Monday's October 13th webinar, here it is: In this webinar, we covered the new additions to Proposable and what's to come. Here's a breakdown of the Webinar: What's New - Responsive & New Interface - Custom Fonts by Google - Drag &...

New vs. Old

Since officially launching Proposable 2.0 on September 1, 2014, we have received much positive feedback from both new and existing users. Today we wanted to talk about where we are and what is coming up. We want to inform our current (V1) users that moving over to...

August 1, 2014

When we first launched Proposable, we had no idea of what it would bring and for many of you it meant success and a sigh of relief when it came to writing and managing proposals. Our goal with Proposable 2.0 is to incorporate what was missing and future proof the...

Looking for our first beta group

As we previously mentioned, our upcoming beta release is just around the corner. We're looking for a select group of people who are interested in testing out these new features and provide some much needed feedback. This is a great opportunity to participate in...

Something New is Coming.

We held off long enough and we feel it's time to share the good news. We've been working tirelessly to craft you a new and incredible version of Proposable. We've taken our 3 years of experience and customer feedback and have turned it into a bigger, better and more...

The Water Cooler

In a recent meeting here in San Francisco, we came up with a pretty neat idea to create a kind of Proposable community called the 'Water Cooler. This will be a place for us to interview some of our customers and provide some tips and tricks. We hope that you will not...

3 Ways Proposable Does Marketing

Most businesses suffer from lack of leads or low conversions due to poor sales processes. In a new blog series, we wanted to extend our knowledge to you on how we're growing Proposable. We're human beings just like you and curiosity always precedes when looking for...

Proposable: Upcoming Webinars

We would like to introduce our new webinar series "Proposal Pros" that will be held at least once a month. The next webinar will be held will be on: When: April 1, 2014 at 11 AM PST What: How to Write & Design an Eye-Catching Proposal How: Please register here:...

How to Write a Website Design Proposal

Writing a website design proposal isn't easy by any means, so back by popular demand we are reinventing the website design proposal. Today, we are showcasing our latest creation that includes an extensive sample proposal template for website design and we'd like to...

5 Reasons to use an Online Sales Proposal Tool

The world of SaaS is changing in many ways for different types of industries. For those of you unfamiliar with the term SaaS (Software as a Service) this is a term used to describe an online tool that is paid for on a monthly subscription basis. Many SaaS companies...

Quote Software for Any Business

Finding the right proposal software can be a pain, but can also be a scary decision if there are huge upfront setup costs and a lengthy commitment to implement. Yes, there are many proposal software alternatives, but which is the best one? We've heard countless times...

Thanks to our customers

Every now and then, we'll get an email that sounds like this: "I am so glad we found your service, we used one of your templates and we were able to both impress the client and also close them, so THANK YOU!!!." or "I just wanted to say Thank You for making my life...

Travel Agent Webinar Tuesday January 21, 2014 at 10AM PST

Hey Travel Specialists, As some of you already know, we tend to create offerings that are beneficial for many industries including travel agents. This time around, we have partnered with the Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialists Association to put a webinar...

How To: Proposable Library (Video)

Staying organized can be challenging, especially if you've got lots of products and services to sell and tons of clients to sell to. The library is designed to keep things simple and well-organized. Here are some key features to help you automate your sales process...

Close deals faster with an electronic signature (e-sign)

In October of 2001, the Electronic Signature law went into effect making it just as legitimate as signing with an ink and pen. When the "e-signature" first came out, it was a cool idea, but was it going to be temporary? Well, it's being adopted by small companies and...

How To Use Sample Proposal Templates

There's no easier way to get started with Proposable with our proposal templates library, so we made a really short video that shows you how to quickly add a template to your library. Also, keep in mind that we offer a Custom Proposal Building service, where we'll...

Let us Build your Proposal…

We're constantly looking for ways to make our users lives simpler and so we've added a new service to both new and existing Proposable subscribers. We are now offering a Custom Proposal Building Service to help you get up and running in no time. Many of our clients...

4 Secrets for Writing Great Event Management Proposals

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the event management industry will grow by 44%, and be adding at least 30,000+ new jobs by 2020. This is great to hear as we get many different types of "planners" such as wedding planners, corporate event planners, etc....

Automate Your Sales Process with a Software Quoting Tool

We’ve talked to countless businesses who were attempting to solve their own unique proposal-management pain and each time we hear a new story, we’re more convinced than ever that every business could benefit from using a well-crafted proposal tool such as Proposable....

Web Design Proposals & How To Write One

 As a web design or graphic design professional, you'd probably rather be building beautiful websites or designing amazing graphics for your clients than laboring over that tedious sales proposal. Whether you're a small design boutique or large web design agency, you...

Proposable Review from WebpageFX

We're proud to introduce one of our valued clients, WebpageFX, a Pennsylvania-based marketing company. They happily provided a review that we wanted to share with you. You’ve done the work finding a list of potential clients, making the calls, giving them an overview,...

Anatomy of a Sales Proposal

We often get questions from our customers about how they can create attention-grabbing proposals for their businesses. We hear questions like,  “What are some best practices for writing a sales proposal”, or “How can I write a proposal that sells”. These questions are...

Find Your Industry Proposal Template

Creating a Business Proposal Template from scratch can be a long and tedious process, but if you have an existing website, you probably already have most of the content needed to create an engaging proposal. In this article, we will help you create an effective...

How To Write An SEO Proposal That Sells

Over 10,000+ small businesses have subscribed to Proposable and many of them are SEO and Internet Marketing Professionals for a reason. With increasing competition and SEO training courses from companies like SeoBook, MarketMotive, Bruce Clay, and WSI International,...

Selling Tours & Travel the Easy Way

It just so happens that one of our team members has an extensive background in tours and travel. It came to our attention when one of our Proposable users posted a link to a sample proposal on a private travel agent forum that in turn brought many Travel Agents to our...

Proposable Templates

Introducing the Free Proposal Templates Library Some of you may have noticed a new section on our website called “Templates”. We realized that many of you wanted to have more choices and design ideas when it came to designing or redesigning proposal templates. So, we...

Proposable Customer Reviews

The sales process is never easy. It takes time and dedication to find and sign clients, and one of the most difficult parts can be the actual sales proposal. Each document has to be customized for each client, which requires tons of time trying to figure out what...

Proposal Estimates + Analytics Updates

Turn your line items into estimates: Now you can quickly add and auto-total your line items using our nifty “Estimate" feature. You can now select “estimate" from the insert dropdown menu within a section to insert a blank estimate. Once this is done, you can easily...

Proposal Headers and Footers

Add Custom Headers & Footers (beta): Build custom headers and footers that will automatically get added to the top and bottom of every proposal section. Account admins can access the the header/footer creator by going to Settings > Proposals. New Notification...

Tags + Sections Multi Select

Proposable Tags are Here: Now you can “tag" your templates, sections and line-items for quicker recall. You can think of Tags as a simple grouping of items within your library into logical “folders". To use Tags, login to your library and create a new tag. Then, click...

Customize Your Proposable Domains

Team accounts can now customize their domains: Proposable Team subscribers now have the option of branding their Proposable domains! For example, instead of having “", you can now create a domain that’s connected to your website, like...

New Line Items and Library Redesign

New Line Items Feature We are excited to announce a new feature called “line items”. Line items are a new part of the library that allows you to save and re-use individual products and services and any other “chunks” of content you would like to quickly insert into...

New Signature Acceptance Feature

Updated Acceptance Now with Digital Signature: Recipients can now “sign" their acceptance of your proposals with a real digital signature using their mouse. This feature has been awhile in the making and we are happy to launch it to live to our users. Along with this...

Dashboard Redesign & More

New Dashboard Layout: The new dashboard layout is more intuitive and allows you more aptions with a single click. You can now use the “actions" dropdown to quickly edit, delete, archive, save as template, and duplicate proposals with one click.-To view the proposal,...

Replacement Tags & New Proposal Status

Replacement Tags We have now added support for inserting replacement tags into your proposal templates. These tags are in the form, {{recipient_first_name}}, and allow you to set a “placeholder" tag within proposal sections that will automatically be replaced with...

Proposal Software in the Mobile Age

The dawn of the computer age brought with it new ways to connect with each other like never before. Word processors and spreadsheets made collaborative work faster and easier, and businesses began to thrive using these new digital tools. Then came the growth of the...

New Proposal Design Features

  New Proposal Section Tab Re-Design: Our proposal section tabs have gotten a facelift. Based on user feedback, we have created a better user experience for the section tab navigation and are confident that this new design will encourage more clicks and ultimately...

30,000 Proposals Created!

Proposable users have created over 30,000 proposals using our online proposal software since our launch in March 2010! This is a huge milestone and we are excited to be on the forefront of this online proposal revolution. Here’s to our fantastic subscribers and all...

Proposal Management Software to the Rescue

Proposal management can be a daunting task for any business that sends out multiple proposals each month. When you have multiple people involved in the process, storage and transparency can turn into a huge nightmare for everyone involved. Where do the proposals get...

The Proposal Software Revolution Has Arrived.

Is your company empowered by the latest proposal software tools? Or are you still stuck in the dark ages of Word docs and Excel spreadsheets. The proposal software revolution is here, and your company could be benefiting from a time saving, easy-to-use proposal...

Empower your Business with Sales Proposal Analytics

What happens to your sales proposals once you deliver them to a prospect? Do they get lost in the black hole of the Interwebs? If you have a web presence, you have access to pages of fancy analytics showing you who’s coming to your website, what browsers they use, and...

Why Sales Proposal Templates are Important

A great sales proposal should begin with a well crafted proposal template. Proposal templates can save you time and offer a strong foundation for building winning sales proposals. Focus on honing your sales templates to truly communicate the pain-solving quality of... Integration

Now send Proposals to your Salesforce Contacts: You can now quickly search your opportunities from within Proposable and send to the related contacts. As proposals get delivered to these Salesforce contacts, the deliveries, views, comments, and...

Multiple Recipient Support & More.

Now send to Multiple Recipients: Now you can deliver a proposal to multiple recipients at a time. Simply click the “add recipient" link within a proposal and add multiple recipients. Also, you can specify which of those recipients you would like to be able to accept....

New Awards and New Features

Proposable was voted the Best web tool by SalesPop! Up against the likes of and, Proposable came out on top of the pack as the best new web application for salespeople! Read the article here. We are thrilled and want to thank our subscribers...

Proposal Acceptance Feature

Acceptance Feature Now, you can give your recipients a simple way to accept your proposals with the new Acceptance feature. We have given you the option to include the “accept" functionality on every proposal you deliver. Your recipient only needs to hit the accept...

Design Features and Highrise Integration

Design Feature: The new Proposable design feature lets you really jazz up your online sales proposals with custom backgrounds and coloring options. We are really excited about the possibilities here! You can either choose to use and edit one of our pre-made...

Branding, Branding, Branding

Branding. We all do it, some more effectively than others. Take Coca Cola as an example. Coca Cola is arguably the most recognized brand in the world. From their iconic bottle shape to their cheery red color scheme, the Coke brand is masterfully maintained and...

Proposable Feature Update

Proposable has just released some great new features that will make your sales proposal experience even better. Auto Save: In order to keep your work in Proposable from accidentally being erased due to navigating away from the page or from simply forgetting to hit...

Proposable is now live!

Here at Proposable, we believe that salespeople everywhere could use a sharp new tool in their tool box, one that helps them engage their sales pipeline in real-time and puts them in front of the most valuable leads first. From the self-employed contractor sending out...