Big Things Happening at Proposable!

Lots of new features, updates, integrations, and bug fixes happening here at Proposable and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s in the pipeline. We have been receiving so much great feedback from you, our awesome customers, and we’re hard at work building your suggestions into the finest proposal automation platform available.

New – Add full-width background images!


Our newest design feature gives you the option to place a full-width image or color block behind any text & images element, giving you much more creative control over the “look & feel” of your proposal sections. Included in this feature are new “section settings” that allow you to remove the padding from the top and bottom of each section for a completely seamless, bleed-to-the-edge layout. Your proposal designs are now limited only by your imagination!

Watch the background images Intro video.


New – Proposable now connects to the #1 small business CRM, Insightly.


We have teamed up with the great folks over at Insightly to enable a fresh new CRM + Proposable integration. This connection lets you auto-sync your insightly contacts and then quickly deliver proposals. Proposable will automatically create opportunities back in Insightly for the “in progress” proposals and push all related events back into the opportunity record and activity stream.
Learn more about Insightly + Proposable

Be on the lookout for our upcoming integrations with Zapier and Salesforce


New – More Useful Proposal Actions:


“Duplicate” lets you automatically duplicate any proposal into a fresh new delivery.
“Change Proposal Status” lets you manually mark a proposal as “Accepted” or “Declined”.
“Copy to Library” allows you to save a copy of any proposal into your library as a “template”.


New – Simplified Proposal Navigation:


We have made the proposals easier for your prospects to navigate. We added a “next” and “previous” button at the bottom of the screen that fades in and unobtrusively guides the viewer through each proposal section.

To take advantage of all these great new features and more:
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