Bosses don’t become bosses unless they’re confident and decisive. So how can you sell proposal management software your supervisor who’s used to relying on their intuitive sense and instincts? Do you show them a checklist of what defines the best proposal software in 2020 and make the sales proposal software of your choice stand out on the list? Or should you pitch a free online proposal software simply because it’s “free?” In this post, we’ll talk through some ideas that will hopefully bring clarity to your process and get you on the right track toward implementing proposal software at your business.

Proposal Management Software Pitch Preparation

Before approaching your boss for the purpose of promoting proposal software, pick a day that you know your boss isn’t preoccupied with critical meetings or visits from important clients. If you have to put off your pitch for a couple of days in order to achieve this, do it. Timing is everything when you want to propose or pitch anything to your supervisor, especially when it comes to new tools.

Timing is everything, but demonstrating any type of proposal management software (from insurance proposal software to open source proposal management software) demands qualitative and quantitative details. Prove how the company benefits from your proposal using numbers (think return on investment and long-term profits) and what exactly the quote proposal software will do for the company using highly engaging words (think competitiveness and reputation). If you haven’t put your thoughts together in this way, you still need to work toward this before making your pitch.

Similarly, have answers to expected questions ready. Your boss will likely ask you questions beginning with “why,” “when,” “how,” and “what.” Why do you think this specific proposal management software will work? When can it be implemented? How much will it cost? What will you do to ensure it is successful? Have a clearly documented plan covering each of these, or at least ballpark answers that can be refined if approval has been given.

Use clear, precise visuals when persuading your boss that an enterprise software proposal template and software will streamline the development of better proposals and the ability to track proposals. Powerpoints and flow charts work well to describe the processes and outcomes of using a business proposal template.

Making the Pitch

After completing your preparation, it’s time to give your presentation. Give your boss a one-page document summarizing the main points and walk them through everything you’ve prepared in person. After you’ve made the pitch, request a timeline for when you can expect an answer so that you’re not waiting around anxiously without clarity, wondering when you’ll find out an answer. Lastly, trust your boss to make the right decision.

If the decision does not go your way, press on under their leadership, but also don’t take it as a “no forever,” simply take it as a “no for now.” If you believe it’s important enough to pursue, give it some time, go back to the drawing board, and reframe your pitch for a later date. In the meantime, consider documenting bottlenecks and roadblocks that are present in your current proposal process that can be used as compelling evidence in your next pitch that something needs to change.

Free Proposal Software Considerations

Be aware that as you prepare your pitch, you may be tempted to pitch your boss to approve free online proposal templates or a free online business proposal generator simply because they’re free. This is often a mistake.

Yes, a free business proposal template Word doc typically includes numerous elements essential for developing a winning business proposal. For example, business proposal software for freelancers will have timelines, project details, executive summaries, costs, client research, conclusions, and a signatures page. But, free templates can really only get you so far. A free template or business proposal generator does not come with tailored advice and does not help you manage your entire proposal process, it’s simply just a template to help get you started.

However, great proposal management software helps organize your thoughts, offers guideline prompts or instructions to avoid getting stuck in the creation of business proposals, and clearly reveals the overall layout so nothing gets eliminated or inadvertently left out of the proposal. The building, sending, and tracking portions of any proposal management software are the most critical aspects of this type of software. Be sure to evaluate each of these components as you make your decision on which solution to pitch as free sales proposal templates will only help in the building phase.