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Social Media Marketing Contract

If you plan on working with a marketer to showcase your product or services on social media, it’s really important that you have clear contract in place. We’ve taken the headache out of putting together contracts with our free and fillable social media marketing contract with all the right legal language to ensure you are well protected. Deliver this agreement and get it signed in minutes with built-in eSignatures.

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Social media marketing involves the use of social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, to advertise a product or service. Initially, it started as plain old text, but social media marketing soon evolved into an industry within its own right. Social media marketers are in high demand right now, and brands use their help to advertise on social media. Like every other business agreement, this agreement is also put in stone through a contract. A social media marketing contract, however, is a little different from your ordinary contract.

The contract has a price list. Social media marketing has a lot of niches and crevices. Therefore, the agreement contains a price list for all the services offered. Some agencies even provide optimizations for existing social media pages; for this, they use a social media audit proposal. Additionally, a contract will also include the “digital marketing terms and conditions.”

If you’re an agency, having an onboard lawyer is excellent, but that can drive up costs, so you should take a look at our digital marketing proposal pdf. It is essentially a social media marketing contract template that includes a social media marketing price list template. Some marketing tactics are restricted to certain social media platforms, be sure to check out our Facebook marketing proposal pdf. You can also check the format on a Microsoft Word social media marketing contract.

Service Level Agreement Example 

A marketing contract is no different than a service level agreement. A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract that establishes what the marketer will do for the client. It contains a set of deliverables and the costs for those services. It could be that party A will produce XYZ amount of blog posts for party B for XYZ amount of money. It could also include that party A is responsible for driving XYZ clicks to the site for XYZ amount of money. The agreement is also known as a social media consultant agreement or a social media statement of work. The agreement features the point of contact between the two consignees – this defines who is answerable to whom, when will there be audits or reports. Lastly, an SMMA (social media marketing agency) contract includes clauses of cancellation. The clauses define the circumstances in which the agreement becomes void. Try going through an example service level agreement to get an idea of what it should look like.

Service level agreements are of two types. For two separate companies, we use what is known as an external service level agreement, but if it’s between two departments of the same company, we call it an internal service level agreement. To get the gist of it, try searching internal service level agreement examples pdf on the web. You can also check a service level agreement example or a social media marketing proposal pdf 2020.

Having a template ready-to-go in such situations can be beneficial, especially if you’re dealing with a repeat client/agency. You can find the best SMMA contract template and social media service level agreement template on When looking for the templates, make sure they come with social media marketing terms and conditions so that you don’t end up voiding rules. All the different names can get overwhelming. Just remember that a social media scope of work template is no different than a simple social media contract template.

How to Write a Marketing Proposal 

A marketing proposal is used by marketing agencies to lure clients into doing business with them, and it’s best if you have a lawyer draw it up, but that can be cumbersome to do it for every prospective client. This is why it’s recommended you download a free marketing agency contract template off the Internet to get an idea. The template should ideally come with marketing terms and conditions template too.

Companies use social media as a tool to reach their audience, and they use multiple strategies such as interacting with their audience, listening to what people have to say about them, and responding, respectively. When these agencies reach out to the client, they generally start with what is known as a pitch deck. The pitch deck includes everything, from costs to success rate to past clients – it even contains the strategies the social media marketing agency plans to use.

The pitch deck is a broad term; in our case, the pitch is referred to professionally as a social media pitch deck. All of the details are written down in a marketing proposal – a media contract or a content creation proposal are just other ways of writing a marketing proposal. Additionally, a marketing proposal also has a few terms and conditions. To get a better idea, try searching the social media pitch example of Google.

In some cases, companies hire influencers to market themselves on the Internet. Influencers are people who have huge fan-following and are willing to use their platforms to push a client’s agenda. Influencers work in a variety of ways; they can mention the product/service quietly or openly come out in support of it. In these cases, the influencer extends his services in a social media influencer proposal – which is just a more personalized marketing proposal. If you’re an up and coming influencer who wishes to score some clients, you can get started by downloading one of our influencer proposal templates.

Technology Contract for Child

The Internet might be the single most important invention of our century, we have the knowledge of the entire world at our fingertips, but the Internet and technology, in general, can have a bad influence on growing kids. When you give your child an iPad or your phone, they just lose the motivation to play outside, or might even encounter something inappropriate on the Internet. This is precisely why you should set some boundaries with your children.

A social media contract for teenagers is the best way to go for young teens that want to spend all their time on their phones. If you’ve got multiple kids at home fighting over an iPad, it might be a good idea to make them sign an iPad contract for screen time and usage-rights. Similarly, a video game contract is an excellent way to deter excessive screen usage. Got a teenager who won’t stop asking for a mobile phone, a high school cell phone contract should do the trick for limiting misuse of the phone. Additionally, you should have a family internet contract so that no one ends up hoarding all of the bandwidth, slowing the entire family’s Internet. A quick google search for a sample contract between parent and child can help you get the gist of it.

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