Introducing 3 Proposable Features For Enterprise

We’re excited to announce our Enterprise Plan, built for organizations that require more flexibility within their sales teams, departments, processes, and reporting.

The Enterprise plan starts with taking each customer through a discovery phase and implementation process that finds their core requirements and enables us to consolidate and automate their current sales process using the Proposable platform.

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New Enterprise-only Features:




#1 Departments & User Roles

Companies can now segment their data and teams however they want. Whether you have a distributed sales team or various in-house departments selling multiple products and services, you now have the ability to segment and track each department and team member at a granular level.






#2 Proposable API

Connect all proposal events (Proposal Creation, Delivery, Views, Comments, Downloads, Acceptance, etc) to your external systems through the Proposable API.




#3 Team & Department Stats – Coming Soon

Team Stats gives management a sortable list of key team and department sales KPI’s, giving valuable comparability across sales teams and departments.


We Want to Hear From You!

As we continue to develop and evolve Proposable to meet the needs of larger sales organizations, we depend on your feedback.

We look forward to hearing from you,







– The Proposable Team