Sales contracts, also commonly referred to as contracts of sale or sales orders are legal documents that state the purchase of goods or services from a seller at a predetermined price. It is essentially an agreement contract between two parties (the buyer and the seller) that covers the specifics of the exchange of money for goods, personal property, securities, and other items. Since sales contracts are legally binding documents, they’re crucial to use in all sales processes as they protect both parties involved. Even if the deal is with a long-standing customer or a new client, it’s prudent to outline the terms and conditions of the transaction in writing. Agreement between buyer and seller sample available online can help businesses avoid miscommunication, provides the exact details of the deal to both parties, provides legal backup, and gives the seller a working outline. 

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to the specifications of the ordered goods – in terms of quality, measurements, or quantity, it’s important for the business to set the order in paper and get clearance from the buyer. This reduces call-backs and returns and betters customer experience. 

Sales Contract Example 

Since the word ‘sale’ can refer to transactions of any kind, the number of sales contracts that can be drawn up is close to infinite. Sales contract examples include car sale agreement, sale of goods agreement, international sale agreement contract, product sales agreement contract, simple sales contract, lease agreements, service contracts (employment contracts, etc.), government tender contracts, etc. 

Sales contract examples are available for free online – but what are the key essentials that make a solid document? The bare skeleton of a sales agreement letter contains the crucial details of the deal – it identifies the buyer, the seller, the goods/ services, and miscellaneous details that are needed to keep the deal in place. Sales contracts should an extensive write up of the goods for the sale – details like type and make, color, size, weight, model number, etc. should be included. Fulfillment details, inspection and return periods, warranties, payment details, and potential agreement renewal options should be put in and highlighted. 

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Business Bill of Sale Purchase Agreement 

Buying and selling goods and services are relatively straightforward when compared to selling an entire business. Depending on the scale of operations and the domain/ industry of operation of the business, transferring control to a different is a long and arduous process. A sale of a business contract or a business purchase agreement is a legal agreement entered by the buyer and seller for the rights of ownership of a business. After the terms and conditions outlined in the business transfer agreement have been agreed upon by both parties, the buyer essentially takes control over the business operations, its revenues, and other attached assets and debts. 

This document is most crucial for many reasons. An offer of business agreement sets out in plain language the restrictions to be applied to the transfer of business. Non-compete clauses, non-solicitation, non-disclosure agreements, and confidentiality clauses have to be included in a business bill of sale purchase agreement to protect the future stakes of the business. 

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Free Printable Real Estate Agreement PDF 

A real estate agreement or a real estate contract is a legally binding document between the seller and the buyer of a real estate property. Both commercial and residential properties should have a comprehensive sale agreement that holds up in a court of law. A real estate purchase agreement outlines the predetermined price, specifications of the property, disclosures, and other terms of the sale. 

Before signing a real estate purchase contract, the buyer has to carefully peruse the conditions of the deal. In order to maintain clear expectations and protect both parties in the case of a dispute, real estate agreements have to be created and examined carefully. Buyers have to ascertain details like the seller’s stake in the property, price, sale closing timelines, real estate taxes (this depends on the state of purchase), special assessments, tax reductions, classifications, and associated costs of the deal. 

Real Estate Sales Contract 

On the other hand, sellers have to take special care in drafting the real estate agreement as well. Sellers can draft an agreement with either a prospective buyer or a real estate brokerage firm. When negotiations of a property deal take place through an agent, a seller representation agreement or a listing agreement is necessary. This document outlines the brokerage fees (commissions for manpower, advertising, communications, etc.), the listing price of the property, the homestead classification of the property, the tax and environmental clauses (depending on the state), and insurance. 

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Software License Agreement 

A software license agreement or an end-user agreement is a contract between the creators/ distributors of industry-standard software and the users of the software. The users can range from PC owners or large organizations looking to buy licenses of legal usage of the software. 

Software license contracts outline the terms and conditions of the software creators. It specifies that the purchasing entity does not legally own the software, but is ‘leasing’ a specific version for temporary use. The buyers have no right to replicate or distribute the software on their own. The seller also puts in clauses about the types of usage, the physical hardware that is permissible, and the number of systems on an organization that can run a licensed version of the software. The agreement between the software company and the client prevents abuse of the software, limits seller liability, allows sellers to disclaim warranty, and lets the seller terminate the sale of software at any time. 

Software sales contracts, or software as a service agreements typically cover the identification of the parties involved, geographical restrictions, start and end dates, the specifications of the software and its capabilities, pricing options, and other terms and conditions.