When a business wants to adopt new software, employees see the value and the benefits it can bring to the business, but typically dread the learning curve and the headaches it will cause to onboard everyone. Given that the success of many businesses relies on their ability to generate revenue by bringing on new clients, it’s imperative for any business to be able to write a winning proposal. In order to write a winning proposal in today’s world, one needs to be using an online proposal software. A strong business proposal increases the likelihood of winning new business. It’s the ultimate sales document, a condensed version of all the value your solution brings to a client’s problem.

Online proposal software plays a key role in companies all over the world. It has been engineered to assist companies with increasing the efficiency of their sales teams. By automating many steps in the proposal and contact process, businesses are able to save time and money. 

The best online proposal software will have industry-leading features that can help businesses create, share, track, and close proposals. Being chosen as one of the best online proposal software in 2020 by G2, Proposable is the online proposal software that can help you create those winning proposals and beat your competition. Using our software, businesses are able to spend less time generating proposals and more time increasing the value of each proposal. In this post, we’re going to share how an online proposal software will increase efficiency for any business. 

Use Templates to Save Time

A major issue that comes with creating proposals by hand is the amount of time spent creating templates. Free proposal software does not have the technology to create templates efficiently, which is where our proposal template software separates us from the competition. With the ability to use more than two dozen of our proposal templates—which include a free project proposal template, a graphic design proposal template, a sponsorship proposal template, and many more—businesses will save countless hours. This time can be spent perfecting each proposal, closing deals, and growing the business.

Often, writing a proposal can be the most time-consuming part of the proposal process. Proposable is an effective proposal writing software as it provides access to a list of templates that have been designed with the client in mind. One of our templates could unlock your ideas and provide a guideline for what you might want to express in your proposal.

For those businesses that enjoy perfecting their templates in familiar programs such as Microsoft Word, we recommend shifting that behavior from using a free business proposal template Word doc, or a small business proposal template in Word, to using a free online proposal template inside our software. The same goes for designers. Instead of using a free proposal template in InDesign, check out all of the proposal templates that Proposable offers.

Use E-Signature to Reduce Approval Times

Electronic Signature

Electronic signature technology eliminates the time wasted while waiting for signed and printed documents to change hands and is crucial in creating a seamless workflow that’s efficient and secure. When you use a sales proposal software, like Proposable, that has a centralized process for emailing, signing, and filing you’re providing a better experience for your client that decreases turn-around time for both parties. When your proposal and invoice software has a trustworthy e-signature platform, both parties are compliant and protected.

Track Proposals

Proposal Activity

Managing your business proposals is made easy with a proposal viewer that automatically tracks the progress of your submittals and allows you to remotely view electronic signatures even when you’re away from your office. This will help you know who’s done what with their proposal, when it was done, and how. This also helps the sales team generate a timeframe regarding when a decision might be reached on their proposal. Never wonder again what’s happening with all of your delivered sales content.

These features offered in Proposable’s proposal management software outweigh the risk of using free online proposal software. A free proposal management software won’t cost your company any money upfront. However, due to the security risks associated with using an open source proposal management software, you could be costing your company a lot of money in the long run by not using highly-protected software.

Make the Leap

Overall, if you want to increase the efficiency of your workplace and save time when managing your entire proposal lifecycle, you need to adapt to new technology. Online proposal software will bring your business into the 21st century and immediately put you above or at least on the same playing field as your competition. Proposable offers the customization, tracking, and e-signature capabilities that any business should include in their criteria when searching for their proposal software. If you’d like to include us as an option in your search for your online proposal management software, start a free trial here.