Fleshing out a pitch into a client-winning sales proposal doesn’t come easy to most. Yet, writing an attention-grabbing sales pitch is a critical step in winning the favor of a potential new client getting a signed deal. This is especially true when you’re pitching to an individual or a business who has a lot of others pitching them. How do you stand out from such competition? Curious about a better proposals alternative than writing it all out by hand? If so, then the answer lies in using a premier proposal software for freelancers and businesses—the best proposal software 2020 has to offer—Proposable.

Proposable is a robust platform that can manage the entire proposal process from creation to signature, but for this post, we’re going to talk specifically about how the proposal generator features can help you stand out.

1. Keep things short, sweet, and organized.

A mistake freelancers and upstart businesses frequently make when putting together a pitch is either going too long or too complicated. Great proposals are about keeping things short and sweet, an eight to ten-minute read has been shown to be the most effective here. Great proposals are also well-organized. While that may seem simple on paper, getting the right mix is hard—that is unless you find and modify a free proposal template and supercharge it with a sales proposal software like ours.

Web Design Proposal Template

With the aid of our business proposal templates, you’ll enjoy access to a drag and drop content builder that will help you show how best to organize and put together a proposal. A proposal maker such as ours will also give you access to a free online proposal template through which you can plug your content into in order to optimize your sales-winning proposals. Think of it as taking an existing outline that has been shown to be effective and personalizing it so that you are the one that shines through.

2. Incorporate photos, videos, and other media features.

In addition to providing a text outline that will help you best organize your thoughts into a proposal with a concise and winning format, a proposal generator such as ours offers art proposal template and design proposal template options that make it easy to also plug in rich media features.

Media features, like infographics, videos, and pictures, make your proposal both more visually appealing and more engaging for your potential client to read and go through than what your competitor may be offering. If your client has four proposals in front of them and only yours pops out with relevant graphics, then yours could be the more standout choice. This is why when researching free online proposal software, you want one that offers a comprehensive web design proposal template download option with a large content library that includes easily customizable graphics and other proposal ideas. We do not offer a free proposal generator or free proposal software in general, but our 14-day free trial will allow you to get your feet wet and see if you like it.

3. Simplify estimates and easily transform from pitch to working document.

Before proposal management software came onto the market, you needed to create new documents, from scratch, for every step of the business process. This means from pitch to estimate, documents were separated and had to be organized by hand. Today, proposal software and online business proposal generators software like ours streamline the process and make it simpler for both you and your client to go from pitch to estimate to final bill in one platform. Additionally, collaboration tools make it easy for others in a business to jump in and provide better proposals and better communication with clients more easily. All of this will help you stand out from the competition who may still be doing things the old way.

Get Started With Creating Better Proposals Today

You don’t have to invest a lot of money into a proposal software to test it out. Our team at Proposable wants you to see the difference our proposal generator can offer for yourself for free. You can do so today by getting finding a proposal template design that fits your business needs in our proposal templates library, then from there, start a free trial of our software, so you can see how all of our robust features can transform what your next sales proposal process could look like.

Additionally, our team is always here to answer your questions and offer tutorials on the different features, including how to utilize the sales content library, where you can find all sorts of templates like a service proposal template, freelance web design proposal sample, and an enterprise software proposal template, among many others, so that you can create the best proposals to reflect your experience and the services you can provide to your clients. Sign up today and get started!