The sales process is never easy. It takes time and dedication to find and sign clients, and one of the most difficult parts can be the actual sales proposal. Each document has to be customized for each client, which requires tons of time trying to figure out what information to use and where exactly it is. Even with the ability to send PDFs through email, you never know whether or not the client got the proposal, not to mention whether or not they’ll even be able to open it. About a year and a half ago, our company, WebpageFX, wanted to try to streamline our sales proposal process. We researched different online proposal systems, making lists of pros and cons. Proposable was our favorite system, and it still is today. Here are the three top reasons why we love Proposable.

1. Customer Service

One of the biggest ways Proposable has won our loyalty is through their customer service. Proposable responds to their clients as quickly as possible, which is essential when you’re working in sales. Proposable offers many different avenues to ask for help, such as Get Satisfaction, a customer engagement platform, but our favorite has to be Twitter. Many a time, we’ve tweeted a problem to Proposable only to have it solved within a couple of minutes. And, of course, the best part of this is that the faster Proposable responds to us, the faster we can respond to clients.

2. The Proposal Design

We also have to give Proposable props to the most important aspect of this online sales proposal system: the proposal itself! When we send out proposals, clients say it looks like we’ve built a whole website for their individual proposal. As one of our sales people said, it’s “beefy.” In addition to allowing tons of different pages, the proposal holds videos and pictures, which does wonders to illustrate what exactly we can do for a client.

3. Proposal Tracking System

And the pièce de résistance? Proposable’s tracking system, which we can no longer live without! Proposable shows you how many times a client has opened your proposal, how long they viewed it, and what page a client spent the most time on. These statistics are amazing because we can see exactly what clients are doing and how they’re interacting with the proposal, so we know exactly when the right time is to follow up with them, which is something a PDF will never give you.

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Post contributed by Carly Glasmyre, a subscriber. She loves social networking, meeting new people, and making sales.