What happens to your sales proposals once you deliver them to a prospect? Do they get lost in the black hole of the Interwebs? If you have a web presence, you have access to pages of fancy analytics showing you who’s coming to your website, what browsers they use, and how long they spent on each page, etc, but how much do you know about who’s looking at your sales proposals? How about applying some common web analytics to your sales proposal deliveries… Wouldn’t it be great to know immediately that a prospect has viewed your proposal, and wouldn’t it be nice to see how long they spent looking at each section? Enter Proposable, the tool that removes the mystery and shows you precisely how your recipients are interacting with your sales proposals.

Many businesses have already benefited from the sales proposal analytics revolution and many are using Proposable.com to gain valuable never-before-seen sales intelligence. This new sales proposal intelligence empowers businesses to focus their attention on the “most valuable” prospects and not waste time on the ones that just aren’t that engaged. In addition, real-time notifications allow businesses to connect with their prospects at the exact moment of interest.

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