Here at Proposable, we’re excited about what’s coming up in 2015 and want share our latest and greatest features and improvements. Most of what we add comes from our users so we’re not adding things you don’t need. We encourage you to keep giving us ideas of what you’d like to see in Proposable.

Here are 4 reasons why Proposable is getting better and better…

1. Updgraded Text Editor

We have completely upgraded our Proposal editor experience based on your feedback. Our new-and-improved editor makes formatting your proposals much faster and much more enjoyable. The new editor gives you many new features such as more font-face options, font colors, better table functionality, and much more.

2. Salesforce Integration

By popular vote, Proposable is now integrated with Salesforce. Connect your Proposable account to Salesforce and sync your contacts and opportunities for quick proposal delivery. All proposal events get pushed back into the appropriate Salesforce opportunity record.

Learn More about Salesforce + Proposable

3. Zapier Integration

With Zapier, your Proposable account now communicates with all your favorite web apps. Use proposal events to trigger useful and powerful actions within other apps. For example, you could automatically create a new invoice in Freshbooks once a Proposal gets accepted.

Learn More about Proposable + Zapier  or Start using Zapier today!

4. Proposable Webhooks + API Access

Now, connect to the Proposable API and write your own app logic and triggers based on the various proposal events.

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