Proposable Tags

Proposable Tags are Here:

Now you can “tag” your templates, sections and line-items for quicker recall. You can think of Tags as a simple grouping of items within your library into logical “folders”. To use Tags, login to your library and create a new tag. Then, click the “actions” dropdown on any particular item, select “manage tags”, and check-off the tags you want.


Multi Section Importing:

Our new section import multi-select makes it quicker to import your saved sections into your proposals. Quickly import multiple sections at a time by simply selecting multiple sections and clicking the “Insert Sections” button.



Proposable 2.0 is Coming:

We’ve been busy planning a complete Proposable redesign and we will break ground soon. We are pulling together our 3 years of valuable user feedback to build the most useful and powerful proposal tool on the web.

Version 2 will include improvements to almost every aspect of the app. We’re really excited about it and we’ll bring you updates in the coming months.