Acceptance Feature

Now, you can give your recipients a simple way to accept your proposals with the new Acceptance feature. We have given you the option to include the “accept” functionality on every proposal you deliver. Your recipient only needs to hit the accept button and sign his or her name to finalize. We have added email and sms notification options for this feature as well, and they can be edited within your settings tab. 

Overwriting Fixed: We fixed a pesky bug that was allowing older versions of a proposal to overwrite a newer version if a proposal was open in two places at once. We solved this by only allowing one instance of each proposal to be open at any given time. The site will recognize which of the multiple copies is the newer version and lock out the older version.

Re-sizing Sidebar Content: When users had too many sections, the sidebar content sometimes ran off the page. We have now dialed-in this sidebar to automatically adjust the rest of the proposal content to accomodate whatever you decide to throw at it.

We changed the “last comment” column in the dashboard to display “last view time” instead.

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