Staying organized can be challenging, especially if you’ve got lots of products and services to sell and tons of clients to sell to. The library is designed to keep things simple and well-organized. Here are some key features to help you automate your sales process with the Proposable library:

  • Filters -There are 3 sections within the library called “Templates” “Sections” and “Line Items”. Each of these filters helps you to keep your proposals, sections within proposals and line items in a nicely categorized fashion.
  • Tags – This is a great way to filter your proposals, sections and line items. If you have tons of products, services or different types of customers, the Tags feature helps to filter your library items by a tag.
  • Sharing – Got a neat proposal but don’t want users to edit the contents? Simply click the Share button to add the template, section or line item to other users under their Shared Items tab. This saves you time by not having each user re-creating work.

Don’t take our word for it, watch this cool video that walks you through it.


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