Landing a prospect may be a battle, but another war rages in the hours leading up to sending out that perfect proposal.

Before ever seeing the signature on the dotted line, salespeople have to endure a lengthy process of building the proposal, getting it reviewed, receiving feedback, and making changes. This process is repeated until the proposal is given the final Thumbs-Up.

When a prospect is on the one-yard line, nothing can be more frustrating than waiting for teammates to review the document. The prospect is excited, the salesperson is fired up, and it’s go time. Unfortunately, the process doesn’t move as fast as any party would like.

The process to push send is redundant, lengthy, and inefficient. Sales people could be onto the next demo, event, or working on another lead but instead they’re caught in a tangle of feedback, comments, and process. They’re pained with frustration by utter disorganization. Their valuable time is spent doing invaluable things.

Word documents and PDFs aren’t going to cut it anymore. There’s no way to collaborate in those documents, share comments, and aggregate information effectively. Most file creators leave sales people with scrambled feedback, duplicated comments, and sheer frustration. In the end, this cost the salespeople and the company valuable time.

Outside of word documents and PDFs, many teams are flooded with various software. They’re using Google Drive, Email, DocuSign, and Dropbox to manage the various aspects of the sales lifecycle and proposal process.

Creating and working collaboratively on a sales proposal with a team is not an easy task. But what if it could be?

Proposable gives sales teams back their time by enabling them to collaborate, comment, review, approve, and send proposals in one central place.

How does it work?

Proposable takes the complication out of sales proposals. Instead of bouncing between emails to documents to spreadsheets, Proposable creates sales proposals with built-in estimating. Not only does it create the proposal but it allows for easy collaboration, sending, and tracking. Here’s how sales teams can overcome the challenges of creating sales proposals:

Keep all information in one place

Conversations are happening everywhere – over email, in-person, on the document itself. It’s easy to lose track of what was said and by whom. With Proposable, salespeople can collaborate with other team members by using internal comments proposals to ask questions of specific teammates who are working on the proposal or to share feedback. No more running from place to place trying to remember who said what. Information can be seen centrally, and everyone can get their questions answered. With Proposable, everything is kept inside the proposal itself. Simple!

Make handoffs easy

Handing off a proposal is necessary from time to time. Typically, a team member would have to send email threads, documents, and Dropbox links to transfer over one deal. Due to all of the information and sources, details will be missed. Proposable makes it easy to share all relevant information with another team member. The salesperson simply selects who the new deal owner is and clicks “Transfer Ownership”. Now, sales teams don’t have to worry that all of the information was relayed. They walk away knowing – stress and hassle-free.

Easily collect feedback

Before sending out a proposal, salespeople want to ensure its the best it can be. Feedback is a critical part of this, but it takes time to send out and aggregate comments. Proposable has built comments into each proposal draft to incorporate a review from a manager seamlessly. No extra emails tossing around suggestions. Instead, when the document is ready for review, it’s automatically put into the hands of the manager for final approval. The manager can use the internal comments feature to make edits, suggestions, and provide feedback in one place. Proposable makes it easy to deliver only the best to your prospects.

Sales proposals shouldn’t be stressful. Start using Proposable to streamline the entire proposal process and get salespeople back to doing what they do best – Selling.

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