Cleaning Proposal Template


When searching for a cleaning service, clients want to hire a company they can trust to take care of their property. A clear, detailed proposal will show customers your experience and professionalism, putting their minds at ease. The cleaning proposal template includes sections for projects and testimonials, services, contracts, and more.

  • Take advantage of a customizable cleaning proposal template that will allow you to reach out to new clients.
  • Highlight your people’s knowledge and expertise in commercial cleaning, and underscore your commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction.
  • Create a proposal with positive testimonials from past customers, which will serve as acknowledgements of your agency’s professionalism.
  • Effectively describe your individual services, and create a bespoke and transparent cost estimate that details the prices you charge for each of these services.

Perfect For

Commercial cleaning service providers, janitorial service providers, and maid service agencies that offer cleaning services to residential and commercial environments.

Template Overview

Proposal Sections

About Us

This section provides an opportunity for you to highlight your professional experience in commercial cleaning and project management while calling attention to the positive relationships you’ve built over the years with other customers.

Our Customers

You also need to be able to assure prospective customers that you’re the best cleaning service provider for the job. This section will allow you to make a convincing case for your agency by having a compilation of positive testimonials from your past clients.

Our Services

Your customers need to know exactly what services you provide, and this is the appropriate section to list all of them. These can include general cleaning, carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, window cleaning, or other types of cleaning services.

Sectors We Specialize In

Here, you can enumerate the types of establishments that you typically serve, which may include corporate offices, educational facilities, entertainment complexes, industrial and manufacturing facilities, medical institutions, residential facilities, restaurants, hospitality establishments, retail shops, storage facilities, and worship facilities, among others.

Terms and Agreement

You and your prospective client need to be aware of your obligations and responsibilities, especially as it relates to your workers’ performance, payments for the services rendered, and indemnification for any losses. This section of the proposal specifies these details.


The client needs to completely understand the scope of your services and how much they need to pay for the services rendered. This section serves as a straightforward list of these costs.

Agree and Sign

This component of the proposal formalizes the agreement between you and the client.

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