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Cleaning Proposal Template

This cleaning proposal template is perfect for both commercial and residential cleaning companies. This will help you present your offering in a professional and concise way. Set your pricing and deliver to your prospect in minutes, then close the deal with built-in eSignatures and and payment collection.

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Template Overview

When searching for a cleaning service, clients want to hire a company they can trust to take care of their property. A clear, detailed proposal will show customers your experience and professionalism, putting their minds at ease. The cleaning proposal template includes sections for projects and testimonials, services, contracts, and more.


  • Take advantage of a customizable cleaning proposal template that will allow you to reach out to new clients.
  • Highlight your people’s knowledge and expertise in commercial cleaning, and underscore your commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction.
  • Create a proposal with positive testimonials from past customers, which will serve as acknowledgements of your agency’s professionalism.
  • Effectively describe your individual services, and create a bespoke and transparent cost estimate that details the prices you charge for each of these services.


Template Sections

Here are the sections that are included with this free template. Each section can be customized to fit your business.

About Us

This section provides an opportunity for you to highlight your professional experience in commercial cleaning and project management while calling attention to the positive relationships you’ve built over the years with other customers.

Our Customers

You also need to be able to assure prospective customers that you’re the best cleaning service provider for the job. This section will allow you to make a convincing case for your agency by having a compilation of positive testimonials from your past clients.

Our Services

Your customers need to know exactly what services you provide, and this is the appropriate section to list all of them. These can include general cleaning, carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, window cleaning, or other types of cleaning services.

Sectors We Specialize In

Here, you can enumerate the types of establishments that you typically serve, which may include corporate offices, educational facilities, entertainment complexes, industrial and manufacturing facilities, medical institutions, residential facilities, restaurants, hospitality establishments, retail shops, storage facilities, and worship facilities, among others.

Terms and Agreement

You and your prospective client need to be aware of your obligations and responsibilities, especially as it relates to your workers’ performance, payments for the services rendered, and indemnification for any losses. This section of the proposal specifies these details.


The client needs to completely understand the scope of your services and how much they need to pay for the services rendered. This section serves as a straightforward list of these costs.

Agree and Sign

This component of the proposal formalizes the agreement between you and the client.

Cleaning companies are incredibly important to the health and safety of our society in general. Private households, schools, businesses, and governments all have a duty of care toward the public, visitors, employees, and others.

When left unclean, a property can become hazardous quickly. From tripping accidents to infestation, most people do not realize how vital a service it is. Commercial organizations also have strict sanitation guidelines to maintain, as well.

As you are starting your own clean company, there are a few challenges that you may want to consider the following items during your initial planning phase:

  • Time management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Customer retention
  • Supplies purchasing
  • Finding customers
  • Closing new accounts

However, the good news is that your business can overcome these problems easily by folding a cleaning proposal template into your sales process. Finding a high-quality design with robust features elevates your customer interactions while selling them on your maintenance and upkeep services.

In short, it is a total win for you as you build your client roster and gain additional experience and reviews.

In this cleaning proposal template guide, the Proposable team helps you understand more about starting a cleaning company, pricing your services, what handy checklists are available, and where you can find some fantastic free and premium resources.

Cleaning Estimate Template

Pricing your cleaning services is the best way to ensure that you feel valued and that customers are getting a superior service for a fair price. Here are three steps you can take to price your services accurately when drafting your cleaning estimate template:

  1.     Write down the average time it takes you to clean per room
  2.     Determine if you want to charge by the room, hour, or square footage
  3.     Factor in your labor and supplies costs

Using the above-referenced model will guarantee that your rate is fair while growing your business profitably. Plus, a simple and straightforward estimate signals to your clients that you are transparent since they can analyze for what you are billing them


If you need some pricing ideas, use a sample proposal letter for cleaning services, or a sample business proposal for cleaning services PDF helps you garner new ideas that other successful ones use.

A comprehensive proposal for cleaning services doc includes the following pages:

  • Cover
  • About Us
  • Current Customers
  • Our Services
  • Cleaning Services Agreement
  • Cleaning Estimate
  • Digital Signature Pages

This outline for a business proposal for cleaning services doc shows customers how you can help them, your past experiences, and how you price your services.

Cleaning Service Proposal With Checklist

You can improve the function of your business proposal template with a cleaning service proposal checklist. It is helpful to use them as it allows customers to see what type of cleaning you are performing for them precisely.

While commercial and residential needs vary, your cleaning service proposal with checklist doc will generally cover the following services:

  • Vacuum carpets
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Trash service
  • Dusting
  • Fixture cleaning
  • Window washing
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Bathroom disinfection

For more ideas about customizing your cleaning service proposal with checklist PDF, you may want to visit sites that specialize in the business. Here are a few simple and free resources to help you start:

There are a plethora of other resources available through applications, like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. By incorporating them into your cleaning services proposal letter PDF, you will demonstrate to customers how thorough your services are.

Free Proposal For Cleaning Services PDF

Now that we have your full attention, it is time to share where you can find a free proposal for cleaning services PDF document that includes a free cleaning service proposal with checklist document.

You can layout your documents using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, or Google Sheets. The main advantage of using these resources is cost-savings.

However, you have to consider the time and effort it takes to customize a free cleaning proposal template with checklist document manually.

For example, once you download your free resource, you must then size and select your branding using clunky tools. Then you must resign yourself to copying and pasting your free proposal for cleaning services doc every single time you want to create one.

The process is so arduous that it may deter you from jumping on that new sale in the first place. If only there were a better way.

Guess what? There is! Using a premium templating resource, like Proposable, is so much more than just being able to put a document together.

Premium tools allow you to save customer information, store pre-filled out templates, and manage the digital signature process. And here is the big one: you can even see how your customers are interacting with your proposal using advanced analytics tools.

Post Construction Cleaning Checklist

The Proposable team is closing out this guide by offering you insight into the post construction cleaning niche. It is a steady, lucrative source of income if you are looking to land commercial clients.

Not only do they offer a consistent flow of revenue, but they also price their services at the commercial level, which means you stand to earn even more money than on residential jobs alone.

Setting fair post construction cleaning rates in your post construction cleaning checklist PDF is a great way to kick off the post construction cleaning proposal template process. Typically, you will charge a variable square footage rate based on the post construction cleaning scope of work.

For example, an office or a school will carry a lower price than a gas station since the latter involves a lot of grease, grime, and volatile chemicals.

A few elements to include in your proposal may consist of a company overview, past client results, a service contract, your pricing estimate, and digital signature lines to ensure that the job is yours.

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