Proposal management can be a daunting task for any business that sends out multiple proposals each month. When you have multiple people involved in the process, storage and transparency can turn into a huge nightmare for everyone involved. Where do the proposals get stored? Who’s computer has the most current proposal templates? And how can proposal performance be analyzed to increase sales?

A proposal management software solution can save your company time, empower new sales intelligence, and increase sales. First, proposal software allows proposals to be created out of a central library of pre-developed templates, improving creation-to-delivery time. Once delivered, proposals are then organized in a central file system that allows for easy access and review at any time. Sales team members and managers will both benefit from this proposal management tool. The sales team becomes empowered to create and deliver custom proposals in record time and instantly access any past proposals for review. Also, managers will have complete transparency into all proposals being created and delivered across their salesforce, allowing for better sales intelligence and decision making. offers a powerful web-based proposal management tool that empowers sales teams of all sizes and in all industries.

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