Most businesses suffer from lack of leads or low conversions due to poor sales processes. In a new blog series, we wanted to extend our knowledge to you on how we’re growing Proposable. We’re human beings just like you and curiosity always precedes when looking for new ways to acquire customers. If you have some suggestions on tools, please share it with the Proposable community.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Proposable is a service. It’s there 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to help companies around the world generate new business. But what good does it do if there isn’t support or community behind it? Recently we started offering webinars that are specific to certain topics such as “How To Create My First Proposal” or “Proposal Best Practices”. We received a fantastic response from our users because they want to get as much value from our service as possible. It’s both inspiring and rewarding for us that our users are eager to learn even after 2-3 years of using our service.

Webinars are a great way to engage your customers, receive feedback and address issues or upcoming ‘specials’ or offers. There are a few tools out there that can help you organize and easily run your webinars:

There are plenty of tools out there (paid or free) that can help you do any of the above. Some of these can help you just run a simple webinar and others have tools such as live comments, toll free calling (bridge line) and attendance data.

In short, if you want to build community and engagement, this is a great way to add value to your business.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, which ones should you use? ALL OF THEM! Even if you don’t post every day or just have a page up, it gives you a presence. Imagine if you didn’t have a single social media profile, but your competitor down the road did. Do you think they may be getting leads? Are they using social media to express their strength and reach? Maybe. Social media is a black box to most folks, but it’s extremely important.

People (and by people we mean your customers) like to comment, share and be a part of something. If someone visits your facility or has a good experience with you, they’ll share it with their friends and their friends will share it with their friends and so on.

Each social platform has it’s best practices and advantages. Twitter is a great way to reach engaged users about a specific topic via # (hashtags). If you see a related hashtag #doglovers and you sell dog merchandise, make sure you like it or reply to it. Everyone who sees that and liked it will receive a notification thus exposing your brand to them.

Facebook can seem like an endless black-hole of cute kittens and selfies, but it’s a great marketing tool if you use it wisely. Facebook has focused groups and followers of other brands and topics. This is a great way to get involved in topics that are relevant that you can talk about and reach people you never would have had access to. Create a Business Page! This is a must. Your brand needs a place for your customers to share experiences, needs and wants. You can also run promotions that your customers can share with their friends and family.

Template & Custom Builds

Proposable is easy within itself, but sometimes time is our biggest bottleneck. We never have enough time to do it all; marketing, sales, accounting, operations, etc. There are many tools out there to help you with all of this, but getting started with something new can be un-motivating. We started too look at what our clients needed and identified that both new and existing clients wanted a better way to create templates without starting from scratch.

Initially, we came up with templates, an easy way to select an industry-specific proposal and add it to your Proposable library. This worked fantastic! It gave our new and existing users a quick and easy way to re-invent themselves quickly without doing much. Our templates have been a hit ever since and we’ve been adding and improving since then. We also added value by introducing standard proposal practices into the templates giving our users some insight on how most proposals are created. It also gave some tips and tricks that they weren’t aware of such as:

Our custom builds service has become extremely popular and helps businesses who either need to improve the look and feel of their proposal or don’t have the time to build it. Our team works closely with many companies amongst several industries to create and design their proposal. Here is how it works:

  1. Customers send us a copy of their existing Proposal
  2. We gather several items such as images, logos, videos and related documents (PDF’s, PowerPoints, Spreadsheets)
  3. We analyze the existing proposal and the current website in order to match the brand and messaging
  4. We build the proposal within their Proposable account
  5. We provide “Best Practices” and Proposable one-on-one training

Many of our clients have been extremely happy with their custom builds and have in some cases requested more than one template to be built. If you are interested in this service, please contact us at

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