Insurance Proposal Template


Whether you insure home, life, auto, or a little bit of everything, our insurance proposal template will help you present your clients with the best options. Show your potential customers why they need insurance and how you can take care of them with an elegant proposal. With sections for services, plans, and pricing, this template will allow you to give your clients the best look at your offerings.

  • Use a professional-looking insurance proposal template that you can easily modify depending on your needs.
  • Effectively introduce your insurance firm to potential clients by highlighting your years of experience in providing quality insurance products to customers.
  • Create a proposal detailing all the kinds of insurance products and services that provide ironclad coverage for your clients’ health, livelihood, assets, and loved ones.
  • Present a transparent and easy-to-underside pricing guide for the services you render, which will allow your prospective clients to see just what they’re paying for without the time consuming back-and-forth emails and calls.

Perfect For

Insurance companies and insurance agents who seek to provide quality insurance products to their clients.​

Template Overview

Proposal Sections


Deciding on which insurance agency to go with can be one of the most difficult decisions anyone can make. As such, you should already be selling the idea of your agency being the right one for your prospective client very early in your proposal. This section gives you an opportunity to do just that, as well as so set the tone for the rest of the proposal document. 

About Us

This section lets your potential customers know why they should choose your insurance firm over others they may have already consulted. Here, your company’s experience, your areas of expertise, and your stellar record among your previous customers should be noted in full.

Mission Statement

No client wants to work with an agency that doesn’t have a plan or direction to work towards in the future, so make sure you write your mission statement clearly and concisely in this section. This will impress upon your potential customers that your agency takes its job seriously, and has an overarching business strategy for future success.

Vision Statement

Explain in this section what your company strives to be with every customer they take on.

Value Statement

This section of your proposal should quickly and succinctly explain what your company values above all else aside from stability and revenue.


Your customers need to know exactly what kind of insurance products and services your agency provides, so be sure to list as many as you can in this particular section. Make sure to flesh each service out with a brief description so they know exactly what you mean, as any confusion or vague terminologies may make them hesitate in closing that deal with you.

Plans and Pricing

Finally, this section lets you close the deal with hard numbers and figures. You can flesh out the services further with meaty descriptions in order to maximize upsell potential.



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