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Car Sale Contract

If you need a simple car sale contract template, then we’ve got you covered. Use our fillable template to customize, deliver, and track your car sale contract in minutes. It comes with starter contractual language and eSignatures so both parties can instantly sign & seal the deal!

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When selling a used car on your own, it is very important to draft a car sale contract. Used car dealerships use car sale contracts all the time, so it only makes sense for an independent seller to do the same. Such a contract can be a major safety precaution for both the seller and buyer.

An old car sale contract, also known as a “Vehicle Sale Agreement” is a type of contract document that sellers can use to outline the details of a vehicle sale to a buyer. By using this contract, the buyer and seller can detail the terms and conditions of the sale and describe in detail the car that is being sold.

One can write an as is car sale form in the form of a used car sales agreement Word document. In this case, a used car sales agreement template is strongly recommended. Proposable offers a template for an as is form free of charge for such a need that is very easy to fill out. It is also wise to have a sample letter for selling a car available to make sure the necessary conditions are outlined in the contract.

Free Bill of Sale Template For Car

Along with a private car sale contract template, an independent vehicle seller should also draft a car bill of sale through the use of a template.

Proposable offers a free bill of sale template for car sellers who require the document in a sale. We offer bill of sale template PDF files as well as a free printable bill of sale for car template that is extremely easy to fill out through pre-made forms.

A car bill of sale is a type of document that verifies the car purchase and notes the new ownership of the vehicle. Bill of sales can also be used for other types of valuable assets, such as an expensive electronic or piece of property.

    A bill of sale will contain the seller and buyer’s names and addresses. It will also contain the mailing addresses of both parties, the type of payment used, and how much the buyer agrees to pay. A trade-in section may also be included if relevant. A bill of sale will also not the physical attributes of the car such as condition and model, as well as the miles listed on the odometer at the time of purchase.

    Car Sale Contract With Payments

    When it comes to a car sale that involves future payments, there are some additional documents that should be used to the benefit of the seller and buyer.

    For both owners and dealerships, a vehicle finance agreement should be utilized. A vehicle finance agreement is essentially a car sale contract with payments that includes a car payment agreement letter. A finance agreement will outline the terms of the finance agreement, such as how many payments need to be made and when they need to be made. It’s important to have all of the future payments and interest mapped out before the sale actually takes place. This way, the buyer knows exactly what they are getting into financially and the seller is able to protect themself by creating a contract that outlines all of the necessary repayment terms. A vehicle finance agreement will also outline details about late fees, what will happen if the financing agreement is not met by the seller, and any other relevant information about financing the car itself.

    We recommend looking at a car sale agreement sample to fully understand what information should be included in a vehicle sales contract with seller financing. This document should be extremely in-depth to avoid any misunderstandings in the financing process. Consider it as precious as a legal document for both parties involved in the sale.

    As with other types of contracts, a car installment payment contract template should be used for the sake of including all of the necessary information in the contract in a way that is highly readable and professional-looking. At Proposable, we offer free owner finance contract templates, free owner finance vehicle contract templates, and free car sale contract with payments template for your vehicle-selling needs.

    Free Printable Vehicle Purchase Agreement

    A vehicle purchase agreement, also known as a purchase payment agreement, is a document or contract used to finalize a car sale. Such a document is used by dealerships and individual sellers regularly. These car contracts are used as a form of a sales agreement between the purchaser and seller. A bill of sale would be considered a very simplified version of a vehicle purchase agreement.

    These documents are used to protect sellers by serving as proof of the date that the car left their position. If the car in question is abandoned or involved in a hit-and-run accident, the seller will not be held responsible or be the focus of suspicion. Typically, a vehicle purchase agreement is that last document to be used in a sale.

    While a vehicle purchase agreement is considered less information-heavy in comparison to previous documents used in a car sale, it is still wise to take advantage of a free printable vehicle purchase agreement template in order to ensure all the necessary information is included and easy to understand. Proposable offers new car purchase agreements and vehicle purchase agreement Word templates to make the process of drafting this document easy, fast, and efficient.

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