Turn your line items into estimates:

Now you can quickly add and auto-total your line items using our nifty “Estimate” feature. You can now select “estimate” from the insert dropdown menu within a section to insert a blank estimate. Once this is done, you can easily add line items, change quatities, edit titles, etc. All these line item subtotals are then added together, creating a slick, organized estimate of costs for your clients. If you haven’t set up any line items yet, no problem! Just watch the following Estimate overview video where we show you how to get everything set up.



New “Better Sales” Video Series:

Here at Proposable we’re creating a fresh video series to help promote Proposable to those who are still doing sales proposals the old-fashioned way (read: Word docs / Excel). We wanted to show how Proposable solves some real human problems in the sales process. This video shows that Proposable offers a better way to automate your sales Proposals and the follow up process. Enjoy!


Proposable Is Now Integrated with Capsule CRM:

We’ve connected with the good folks over at Capsule CRM to create a great new Proposable integration. Pull Capsule contacts into Proposable and get all the important proposal tracking analytics pushed back into that contact record in Capsule. Mouse on over to the integrations page to get set up!