The dawn of the computer age brought with it new ways to connect with each other like never before. Word processors and spreadsheets made collaborative work faster and easier, and businesses began to thrive using these new digital tools. Then came the growth of the Internet, further connecting individuals and companies by making communication instantaneous and breaking down the boundaries of time and place. When the first generation of cell phones emerged onto the scene, the workplace was redefined as a space existing beyond buildings and offices.


Our lives and media devices have become increasingly mobile. We’re a culture constantly on the move, even when we do business, and there isn’t always time to sit around a computer to get things done. Our phones are evolving, becoming smarter than ever and able to handle virtually any task. It’s disconnecting us from the confines of our desks and cubicles, and it’s a good thing. Here’s the problem: our old models of digital and collaborative work that used to be cutting-edge are no longer adequate to meet the needs of our on-the-go lifestyle.

The mobile revolution is upon us, and your business tools should reflect these changes. If you’re still using proposal software that doesn’t fit into your mobile lifestyle, you may find yourself falling behind. Proposable’s mobile features allow you to stay connected even when you’re not at your desk by sending real time updates to your phone showing you who is interacting with your proposals. Now with Proposable, your proposal software isn’t restricted to your desktop. This instant feedback translates to shorter sales cycles and more effective, informed sales communication.

The mobile revolution is accelerating business at a rapid rate. Don’t let your current proposal system leave you in the dust. Connect and collaborate with online proposal software from Proposable, and be prepared to meet the demands of a business culture on the move.

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