Event Proposal Template


An event management company needs to give customers a professional presentation of the services it can provide. Our event proposal template allows you to showcase photos and videos from past events and includes services, testimonials, a contract, and more—helping you give clients your best pitch.

  • Create a professional event proposal that highlights your professional experience and expertise in mounting various types of events.
  • Present a straightforward list of your event planning services, which itemizes your areas of expertise and covers the different aspects of the event.
  • Professionally present your strategy for the specific event required by the client.
  • Prepare an easy-to-understand terms and agreement section, which outlines your responsibilities as an event management company and details the deliverables you need to accomplish.

Perfect For

Public relations and event management companies that specialize in mounting special events for corporate and private clients.

Template Overview

​Proposal Sections


The business of organizing events can be a very complex and expensive undertaking. As such, you can expect your prospective clients to be very particular when it comes to looking for an event management company that can help them turn their dream event into reality. This section of your proposal gives you an opportunity to introduce your company and highlight your firm’s expertise in concept ideation, vendor coordination, and overall project management.

The Team

Presenting your top people’s credentials can help build trust among your prospective customers. Often, a client can rest easy knowing that their event is in the hands of very capable individuals. In this section, you can outline your team members’ individual professional experiences as well as their areas of expertise.


Providing prospects a glimpse into the successful events that you have organized in the past will further establish your position as the events management company to hire. This section is the part of your proposal where you can place written or video-recorded testimonials of past clients, who only have positive things to say about your services.


Your clients will also want to know the scope of services that you can provide for them. Naturally, this will include general event consulting and coordination, but you’d also want to itemize particulars like planning for the decoration and set up, catering and beverages, music and entertainment, as well as egress and cleanup.

Your Event

You’ve proven that you’re capable of mounting events for other customers. However, this section is about convincing the client that you have the necessary creativity and resources to organize the specific event that they want. This part of the proposal is where you can describe the planned event in detail, and even use images and videos to aid in your presentation.

Terms and Agreement

Because organizing corporate events and similar special events can be very complex and complicated, it helps to have this terms and agreement section where you can itemize the details of your engagement with the client.

Agree and Sign

Once your event management company and the client agrees to the terms of the engagement, you can then finalize it with signatures from your companies’ representatives.

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