Writing a website design proposal isn’t easy by any means, so back by popular demand we are reinventing the website design proposal. Today, we are showcasing our latest creation that includes an extensive sample proposal template for website design and we’d like to offer it at no cost to you.

We’ve also built it from scratch and even created a video…

In this proposal we have added standard sections such as:

Cover Page

A nice clean introduction is crucial when it’s your first impression. It also prepares the reader for the potential quality of the project you are about to commence. Think about it, if you received a proposal with clunky formatting, multiple fonts and filled with typos, would you read on? Maybe not, but why not turn maybe’s into a YES! The key to a cover page is to quickly and effectively display the quality of your work and should reflect elegance and design.

About Us / The Team

It’s a good idea to tell your customers who you are and share your mission statement. Even if you are a freelance web designer, you should still present yourself and your brand ‘s values. Show them know who they’re working with. In some cases, some of our clients will do a short 30 second video of themselves introducing themselves or even meeting with clients. This is pure validation and a great way to engage your customer. Be sure to include bios, experience and education if it is relevant. This is your opportunity to sell yourself and your company.

Our Process:

One of the biggest fear for buyers is knowing what they’re getting and when they’ll get it. If you have processes in place that keep projects on track, share that with your client. It’s important to point out milestones, technologies that will be used and how the communication will occur. Take the mystery out and make your customer feel comfortable.  Your process should have some structure and if need be, share a diagram:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.47.26 AM

Having this in place is really better for you. This will prevent your client from calling you everyday wondering what’s going on. This way, they can sit patiently while you move onto the next phase.


Although you may be quoting or estimating and proposing on a specific project, it’s a good practice share your potential prospects what other services you provide. Maybe they’ll buy from you in the future so it’s good idea to keep this in front of them and plant the seed. This is a good opportunity to up-sell!

Terms and Agreement:

This is probably the toughest part of the transaction, but it’s a MUST. In this section of your proposal, you should cover important pieces such as:

  • Scope of Work
  • Milestones
  • Payment Terms
  • Technologies to Be Used
  • Responsibilities of Each Party
  • Description of Services

This section of your proposal not only protects you, but it helps keep things on track. It also helps you in case something doesn’t go as planned and it can be resolved based on your terms and agreement.

In short, your proposal should reflect the elegance and professionalism of your website design business.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an idea of the website design proposal template:

Website Design Template

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