Travel Proposal Template


Travelers want to be excited about the trip they have planned and saved up for. An elegant, visual proposal will show them the adventure in store for them with your company. Our travel proposal template includes sections for your company’s experience, the client’s itinerary, travel insurance, and other important trip details.

  • Make use of a convincing and professional travel proposal that will get potential customers thrilled over a dream holiday.
  • Persuade prospective clients that you are the right travel agency for them by listing your tour offerings, industry partners, awards, and other unique selling points.
  • Fuel travelers’ desire for a vacation with romantic and idyllic descriptions of travel destinations.
  • Present a transparent and easy-to-understand itinerary pricing list that itemizes all costs associated with the client’s chosen itinerary.

Perfect For

Travel agencies and tour operators that render travel- and tourism-related services to clients.

Template Overview

Proposal Sections

About Us

Travel can be an expensive activity, which is why travelers want to make absolutely sure that they are dealing with the right travel agency. This section allows you to make a convincing case for your company by serving as backgrounder about your agency’s history, your crew’s travel industry experience, your portfolio of itineraries, your industry partners, and your awards.

Destination Details

No proposal from a travel agency would be complete without relevant information regarding the destinations and itineraries being offered. Here, you are presented with an opportunity to inspire prospective clients to travel to these picturesque locations by describing each destination in the best way possible.

Itinerary Pricing

In this section, you can create a straightforward itinerary pricing schedule that catalogs all the costs associated with each tour or itinerary. These can include the airfare, the hotel transfer or car rental, the travel insurance, and all individual activities included in the itinerary.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an important consideration that not only protects travelers from medical emergencies but also from trip cancellations, loss of belongings, and other unforeseen circumstances. In this section, you can provide the details and inclusions of the insurance product you are offering to your clients.

Terms and Agreement

Travel arrangements can often be very complicated and can constitute numerous details pertaining to bookings, payments, documentations, and many other things. It is important that your agency and your customers understand your obligations to each other, which is why you need to have this clear-cut terms and agreement section to remind yourselves of these relevant details.

Accept and Sign

This section finalizes the agreement between your agency and the customer.

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