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Travel Proposal Template

Whether you’re a Tour Operator or Travel Agent, this elegant travel proposal can be used as a proposal or itinerary. Engage your potential travelers with picturesque destination photos and video that highlight your offering.

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Template Overview

Travelers want to be excited about the trip they have planned and saved up for. An elegant, visual proposal will show them the adventure in store for them with your company. Our travel proposal template includes sections for your company’s experience, the client’s itinerary, travel insurance, and other important trip details.


  • Make use of a convincing and professional travel proposal that will get potential customers thrilled over a dream holiday.
  • Persuade prospective clients that you are the right travel agency for them by listing your tour offerings, industry partners, awards, and other unique selling points.
  • Fuel travelers’ desire for a vacation with romantic and idyllic descriptions of travel destinations.
  • Present a transparent and easy-to-understand itinerary pricing list that itemizes all costs associated with the client’s chosen itinerary.


Template Sections

Here are the sections that are included with this free template. Each section can be customized to fit your business.

About Us

Travel can be an expensive activity, which is why travelers want to make absolutely sure that they are dealing with the right travel agency. This section allows you to make a convincing case for your company by serving as backgrounder about your agency’s history, your crew’s travel industry experience, your portfolio of itineraries, your industry partners, and your awards.

Destination Details

No proposal from a travel agency would be complete without relevant information regarding the destinations and itineraries being offered. Here, you are presented with an opportunity to inspire prospective clients to travel to these picturesque locations by describing each destination in the best way possible.

Itinerary Pricing

In this section, you can create a straightforward itinerary pricing schedule that catalogs all the costs associated with each tour or itinerary. These can include the airfare, the hotel transfer or car rental, the travel insurance, and all individual activities included in the itinerary.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an important consideration that not only protects travelers from medical emergencies but also from trip cancellations, loss of belongings, and other unforeseen circumstances. In this section, you can provide the details and inclusions of the insurance product you are offering to your clients.

Terms and Agreement

Travel arrangements can often be very complicated and can constitute numerous details pertaining to bookings, payments, documentations, and many other things. It is important that your agency and your customers understand your obligations to each other, which is why you need to have this clear-cut terms and agreement section to remind yourselves of these relevant details.

Accept and Sign

This section finalizes the agreement between your agency and the customer.

A travel agency is a group of people or a single professional who has unique insight and knowledge into tourist destinations, travel modes, climates, and other areas of hospitality service. They have established networks with travel partners to ensure that customers are getting the best bang for their buck when on vacation.

One of the ways travel agencies obtain clients is through digital and traditional marketing methods. However, getting prospects into the door is the first step.

You must then nurture your leads further by helping them create the vision for which they are searching under terms and conditions they can easily understand. A great way to approach both of these processes is by having a high-quality, well-rounded travel proposal template in tow.

A travel agency proposal template allows you to create a cohesive document that enables you to share with clients your services processes, packages you offer, and estimates based on their needs. Presenting them with a proposal for travel agency business is sure to “wow” them than compared to other agencies who are likely just using a Microsoft Word document.

Introducing your travel agency in this manner is smart.  In this travel agency proposal template guide, the Proposable team helps you understand the most imaginative and professional ways that you can use to put your best face forward.

Travel Agency Quote Template

The phases—or lifecycle—of the sale process for travel agents demands your undivided attention with a focus on the customer’s needs. From the initial outreach to sending quotes to the sale, you have a lot to accomplish within a very short window of time.

Here are the eight steps in the sales cycle to keep in mind as you develop your service process:

  1. Identify your target market
  2. Build trust as an authority
  3. Determine the needs of your customers
  4. Select the appropriate travel options
  5. Present them to your customers
  6. Help them work through challenging objections
  7. Close the sale
  8. Follow-up with your customers

If that sounds a bit overwhelming, take reassurance in knowing that you can manage this aspect better with the right documents in place and a little bit of careful planning. A travel agency quote template is a great way to get started.

You will likely find several types of travel agency business proposal letter and travel agency proposal to client documents online. From the suite of Microsoft products, you can generate a travel proposal template Word or travel quotation format in Excel document.

In Google, you have a little more flexibility in terms of collaborative tools to work directly with your clients to make real-time changes in your travel agency business proposal letter PDF or travel agency business proposal letter sample.

However, some travel agencies find these tools to be still cumbersome. Using a travel agency proposal PDF in proposal templating software includes so much more. From one single location, you can create dynamic travel agency email examples, travel agency forms templates PDF documents, or even a travel agency quotation format in Word that you can later export.

No longer do you have to dread the necessary component of creating a travel agency letter to customer or travel agency quotation letter every time you need to secure a new client. Software solutions, like Proposable, get it done for you.

Corporate Travel Proposal Template

Corporate travel is the bread-and-butter of a travel agency. These clients are great since they will utilize your services regularly on large ticket items and volumes.

As such, you will also have to meet the specific needs of these high-end clients. Everything that you do during the sales lifecycle matters as they will evaluate you for how you take care of them.

Putting together the right corporate travel proposal template for your corporate travel proposal is the first step toward meeting this goal. You can create a beautiful, concise document that lets them know you came to play ball.

Here are a few elements to include, whether you need a travel agency proposal for corporates or a travel agency introduction letter to hotel:

  • Cover page
  • About us
  • Destination details
  • Itinerary pricing
  • Travel insurance
  • Terms & agreement
  • Digital signature and datelines

In the next section, we will reveal how email marketing is useful for travel agents and how you can find a few templates to get you started.

Free Travel Email Templates

Email marketing is an effective sales tool for travel agencies. When executed well, the ROI on your email marketing campaigns will pay for themselves ten-fold.

As a travel agency, you can use email marketing to attract new business, highlight travel specials, and any other service you want to offer to frequent and sporadic travelers alike. In short, it is an eye-catching and cost-efficient way to market your services to your prospects, leads, and customers.

There are a few sites you can look at to find free travel email templates. Email marketing travel examples are in abundance through any email marketing company, Microsoft Word, Google, and premium proposal templating software.

However, the best travel emails come from templating software, like Proposable. Not only can you store and manage your proposal in the cloud, but you can also integrate with Gmail to help you deliver PDF documents via email. There are no restrictions on what to create or how you can sell your travel agency services.

Travel Agency Business Plan

Starting your travel agency is a bit more cost-effective since you do not have to buy products or store them in a warehouse somewhere. Instead, you need to focus on different aspects that align with the hospitality industry.

Developing a travel agency business plan doc and presenting it as a travel agency business plan PPT is a great way to attract investors and reassure banks that you are a professional person. If you need help getting started, you can find a sample business proposal for travel agency PDF or online travel agency business plan PDF to help you mirror what other successful companies do to attract new money.

A few areas to focus on include finance, marketing, human resources, customer service, and technology management. When you can show a bank that you keenly understand the various aspects of business ownership, you are more likely to receive approval for funding.

Be sure to devote extra attention to your accounting procedures and marketing plan. These two elements are what manage and generate money, which means that banks will appreciate your attention-to-detail in this area as well.

Sponsorship Proposal Template

A sponsorship proposal is a document to use when you are seeing sponsors for any event. You can use a sponsorship proposal template in case you decide to elevate your travel agency services for a corporate client.

A good proposal for event sponsorship letter sample includes:

  • Cover page
  • The event
  • Benefits of sponsorship
  • Sponsorship packages
  • Terms & conditions
  • Digital signature and date lines

If you are considering adding sponsorship to your list of services, you may find it helpful to work alongside sponsorship proposal examples when developing a sponsorship proposal letter or sponsorship proposal template free document.

 Make sure that you use a document that makes sense for the type of event you are attempting to attract. For example, television sponsorship will benefit from a tv show sponsorship proposal template.

By following the information and advice in this guide, you are sure to leverage the power that the travel agency industry has to offer. While it is hard work keeping track of everything on your never-ending to-do list, nothing feels better than being your boss while doing something you love.

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