SEO Proposal Template


You know what can get your customers noticed in online searches, but the methods can be a mystery to them. Highlight your search engine optimization (SEO) expertise with an SEO proposal that will show potential clients how you can grow their online exposure. The SEO proposal template includes sections for video testimonials, deliverables, pricing, and other essential details.

  • Properly introduce your company’s background and history, in addition to describing your top personnel’s professional experience.
  • Effectively convince your prospective clients that a comprehensive SEO program is necessary to succeed in today’s business landscape.
  • Detail the important components of your planned SEO program, from website audit and keyword research to on-page optimization and link acquisition.
  • Provide your clients with a transparent and easy-to-understand pricing schedule that details the projected costs of your services.

Perfect For

Digital marketing agencies and SEO companies that provide search engine optimization services to their clients.

Template Overview

Proposal Sections


Your search engine optimization (SEO) proposal needs to be prefaced with a convincing and professional introduction that showcases your company’s experience in SEO. This section presents an opportunity for you to introduce the principles of search engine optimization to prospective clients who may or may not know about its benefits.

About Us

One way to build rapport with your potential customers early on in the proposal stage is by letting them know of your company’s credentials and providing them with an insight into your people’s expertise and commitment to SEO best practices. This section is the part of your proposal where you can describe these in detail.

Services and Technology

SEO can be a pretty technical subject matter for some clients to grasp, and this is why you need a section in your proposal that clearly describes the intricacies of the topic. In this section, you can talk about the different SEO methodologies that your agency employs in order to help websites reach the top of search engine results pages while also increasing the quantity and quality of web traffic to those same websites.


Creating a list of deliverables will allow your prospects to understand the value of your services better. From drafting the SEO program and performing website audit to writing content assets and rendering ancillary SEO services, this is the section to describe all of these in detail.

Pricing and Estimate

SEO is a process that can involve the participation of various individuals with different skillsets and complementing proficiencies. This diversity can reflect in your project cost estimate, which you can divide according to the services that your experts render. These can include SEO project management, web design and development, as well as content writing, among others.

Terms and Agreement

The terms and agreement section puts into writing your responsibilities as an SEO service provider in addition to also defining the obligations of your client. The main purpose of the agreement is to bring clarity into the contract by reiterating your deliverables and what results your client can expect from them.

Agree and Sign

This section of your proposal seals the agreement between your SEO agency and the client.

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