New Proposal Section Tab Re-Design:
Our proposal section tabs have gotten a facelift. Based on user feedback, we have created a better user experience for the section tab navigation and are confident that this new design will encourage more clicks and ultimately lead to better analytics for our subscribers.

New Background Design Options:
We have created some great new background designs for you to choose from. Give your proposal a polished look with our new woodgrain, or candy cane backgrounds. Our background design options can be found within the design tab in proposal “edit” or “preview” mode. Our design team is hard at work creating more great background designs to add to our selection, so keep your eyes peeled!

New Advanced Design Settings:
For all you CSS wizards out there, we now have a great feature designed specifically for you. Our “Advanced Settings” button within the design tab opens up the entire proposal layout to your endless customization. Your proposal layout and design is now only limited to your creativity.