We’ve talked to countless businesses who were attempting to solve their own unique proposal-management pain and each time we hear a new story, we’re more convinced than ever that every business could benefit from using a well-crafted proposal tool such as Proposable. We’ve parlayed our team’s wide background in sales, design, consulting, and development to build the best proposal tool on the market. Our process has always been the same: our customers’ experience is the driving force for each new feature we add. We try to keep in mind how freelancers, small businesses and independent organizations create their proposals and what the biggest pain-points are. Most people have common reasons why they start their search for an effective proposal tool. Most of them have.

  • Spent too much time looking for the right version
  • Spent too much time reinventing the wheel
  • Sent out various proposal versions with errors and inconsistent information
  • No information about if the customer opened or even received it
  • Trouble keeping track of delivered proposals
  • No access to proposals-on-demand

Building a quoting software like Proposable wasn’t an overnight process. It was users like you who helped us to add features that would help with improving your sales process in order to grow your business. We looked at countless different variables and different industries in order to grasp the daily pains of sending out proposals.

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Another aspect we looked at was the customer-facing side of the proposal. How could we create something that your prospects could get excited about and accept in lieu of the traditional PDF sales proposal. We found that many of you had other applications you were using so we decided to integrate with other CRM’s such as Salesforce, Highrise, CapsuleCRM, Freshbooks and more. With these integrations in place, you have the ability to create a proposal and either import your customer data or push a deal to one of these integrations, thus empowering you to become more efficient and productive during your sales proposal process.

We added a library of various proposal templates that are free to use at your leisure and can be quickly imported into your Proposable “library” with just a click of a button. We know that there are many industry proposal templates that we have yet to create, but we plan to add many more in the near future. We also offer a custom build proposal service to help you write a proposal and incorporated into your account.

Here are a few key features that benefit you:

Automation: Having the ability to quickly select from a list of quality templates is a nice way to handle various different scenarios of how you can use Proposable to sell your products and services.

Scenario 1: you’re on the phone with a customer and the customer requests that you send a proposal to them based on your standard offering. You quickly log in to Proposable and send the customer a proposal. While on the phone you can quickly view whether or not the client opens the proposal or opens it after you get off call. This is a nice and easy way to gain a competitive edge over your competitors because you have quickly delivered a proposal to your client and can track how they interact with it.

Scenario 2: In some cases you may be on the phone communicating with your potential client and as you are trying to determine which products and services your prospect will need, you can quickly create a custom proposal by selecting from a menu of your services from the  Proposable line-item library. Essentially, you can click many check off one or many items you want to be inserted based on your customer’s request and then, like magic, you have instantly created a custom estimate within your proposal.


Having the ability to know if and when your prospect opens the proposal is a huge competitive advantage. It’s a powerful way of identifying who is a potential buyer of your products and services and who isn’t. Many of our customers have compared our proposal analytics to being a “fly on the wall”.  Proposable gives you have the ability to see how your prospect is interacting with your proposal. For example, If your prospect has pricing concerns, you can quickly identify that by seeing if they’ve spent a large amount of time on the pricing section.

 If you are selling to several decision-makers, you have the ability to add multiple recipients to a proposal track each person individually. This new sales intelligence gives you the tools to really hone in on who is actually interested and who you should be spending your sales effort on.


Another powerful tool is having the ability to add images and video of your product and service directly into your proposals. This gives your client a rich visualization of what they will be buying. Some of our clients add video of themselves talking about their company and some of the services that they offer, which can be a real differentiator between them and their competition.

Proposable is an online sales proposal tool that helps small business professionals create, track and analyze proposals, quotes and estimates. With over 10,000+ subscribers in over 50 countries worldwide, we’ve focused to become the #1 Online Sales Proposal Software. Get your free trial today:

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