As we previously mentioned, our upcoming beta release is just around the corner. We’re looking for a select group of people who are interested in testing out these new features and provide some much needed feedback. This is a great opportunity to participate in something that is cutting edge and not available anywhere. Please keep in mind that this is not the final product and we’re hoping that the ‘selected’ group will help us find usability issues and feature feedback.

signup_for_betaIt seems that almost on a daily basis we are coming up with new ideas and features, but we must stay focused on the upcoming release. So, it gives us great pleasure to bring another round of what’s to come.

In last week’s post we discussed 5 features:

  • Simple CRM
  • Departments
  • Locked Content
  • Enhanced Comments
  • Mobile Responsive


This week, we’re hoping to whet your appetite a bit more with some more features coming up in our June 15 beta release. It’s very exciting to build a product that has helped so many businesses in their sales process. We’ve received lots of positive feedback and we’re harnessing all of it to build a new and better Proposable. We’re adding many new elements and features that are sure to make Proposable that daily tool you can’t live without.


As if building proposals couldn’t get easier, you will have the ability to simply drag various elements onto the page, ranging from images, text, formatting and even video. This will make it easier and faster to customize your proposals and arrange them how you like. Not only does this make the proposal much easier to create, but it also will allow us to continue to add more creative elements in the future. Stay tuned to hear more. Oh, did we mention that you will have the ability to drag and drop from handheld devices such as iPads, iPhone and other tablets too?


The new Gallery feature is a breeze. Simply drag in one or many images, add titles, rearrange, and boom! You have a professional photo gallery to showcase your products,  services, or team. This gallery is completely mobile-ready, and  will ensure your proposals really stand out from the crowd.


Estimates are what separates us from the pack. We are one of the only online proposal software companies that allows you to add multiple estimates.  Not only can you quickly drag an estimate to your proposal, but you can have full control over the look and feel, removing columns such as cost, quantities, units of measure and even totals. Oh, and did we mention that you can showcase your product or service with a thumbnail image? Simply drag and drop your thumbnail image right into the line item.




With Consolidated Analytics, you’ll be in the driver’s seat with options to see individual recipient information or collective data from multiple recipients.  You’ll get the same information as before such as first time they viewed it, how much time was spent on sections and time spent viewing. The new flavors added to the menu are granular analytics such as IP address(es), device and browser types and capabilities to add additional recipients.

If you would like to participate in private beta, please do the following:

  1. Like us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  2. Tweet about us
  3. Go to and signup
  4. Stay tuned