We’re proud to introduce one of our valued clients, WebpageFX, a Pennsylvania-based marketing company. They happily provided a review that we wanted to share with you.

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You’ve done the work finding a list of potential clients, making the calls, giving them an overview, and getting them interested in your product or service. Now it’s time to give your official sales proposal explaining exactly what you’re going to do for them. You can have a perfect picture in your mind, but getting it onto paper can suddenly become a struggle. Often times you’ll end up with a huge rambling 10 page paragraph going into every detail in five different ways. Or you’ll have a handful of bullet points that leave out a key component like when you expect to complete the project.

Thankfully, Proposable is a great product to help you sort it all out. We’re WebpageFX, an all-in-one internet marketing company based out of Harrisburg, PA. We’ve been on several lists of “Fastest Growing Companies” for three years in a row, so it became clear to us that we needed a way to manage and streamline our sales proposals. We knew we’d need a strong program that would be there for the long haul, so we did a ton of research and ended up with Proposable.

Why Proposable?

  • Customer service – This is a huge one. Our company moves very quickly, and we try to get things to our clients immediately. If we ever have a question or need some help, we can just shoot out a tweet and the Proposable customer service team answers it right away. There’s no sitting around clicking refresh on the inbox or waiting for the phone to ring.
  • Fantastic product – We’ll get into more detail soon, but overall it’s simply the best product we’ve seen for this sort of thing (and trust me, we looked at a lot of them!).
  • Templates – The best thing for us about Proposable is the customizable templates. Gone are the days of typing each proposal from scratch. No more sending out proposals and realizing we left out our phone number or address. We just create several different templates for our services and then customize them to fit the needs of each client. This is such a giant time saver and helps us get more work done during the day.


How it’s changed our business

  • Time – Time is money. Proposable helps us streamline our sales team, giving us more time to work on other tasks. It also helps us get back to our clients quicker. The faster we get back to them, the more impressed they are with us, which leads to higher conversion rates. Can’t argue with that.
  • Takes out the Guesswork – We can see some pretty awesome stats, including how long our potential client looked at each part of the proposal. We can also see what they were most interested and how we can improve.
  • Instant Notification – Our sales proposals all have comment sections, making it easy to engage in conversation. Proposable instantly lets us know when we have a comment so we can respond immediately.


Why others should use it too

  • We’re already spreading it around – Some things are too good to be kept a secret. We constantly recommend Proposable to anyone who does any sort of sales. We’ve even implemented it into our leads with some of our regional side projects, like our York Web Design and Philly Web Designs.
  • Unique private URL ­– Each proposal is given its own private URL, so you can safely send your data back and forth. Plus, it looks like you built a website just for your client.
  • Tracking – There are several different tracking options offered so you can quickly and easily see how well your proposals are doing.

Overall, we’ve been extremely happy with Proposable and would recommend it to anyone. It’s at least ten times faster than writing each proposal from scratch like we used to do. Plus it has tons of cool features and outstanding customer service. It also looks professional, gaining more trust from clients and leading to better results.

By Shane Jones, Marketing and PR Specialist at WebpageFX.

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