A great sales proposal should begin with a well crafted proposal template. Proposal templates can save you time and offer a strong foundation for building winning sales proposals.

Focus on honing your sales templates to truly communicate the pain-solving quality of your product or service. If your proposal template can successfully convinced your customer that they will experience less pain if they purchase your product, then half the battle is won. A well developed sales proposal template should be seen as a foundational element in your sales workflow.

Some examples for effective proposal template content include:

  • Client testimonials
  • Case studies
  • Awards your product/service has won
  • Pricing comparisons with your competitors
  • Clear call to action

One reason why Proposal templates are important is that they save time. If you invest in crafting a template that you are proud of, then moving from that template to a custom sales proposal then becomes a few simple steps.

Use feedback as a guide to continually help you hone your proposal templates to speak more clearly to relevant pain points and help to more effectively engage potential customers.

With Proposable, you can create and save powerful proposal templates that incorporate video and other rich media and can make your sales proposal templates really stand out above the crowd.