Business Proposal Template

A polished business proposal template is critical to generating new business for your company.  Select from our growing list of business proposal templates to supercharge your sales proposals today start winning more business. All our templates come with built-in eSignatures for easy acceptance.

Agency Proposal Template ➔

Agencies require a polished proposal that reflect the quality of services they provide. With this free agency proposal template, you will convey professionalism and quality.

Social Media Proposal Template ➔

Show prospects your professional brand with our Social Media Proposal. No matter what marketing services you offer, our polished template gives you the foundation you need to increase your business and land more customers.

Web Design Proposal Template ➔

Save time with this Web Design Proposal Template and represent your brand well. This template includes description of services, pricing, and a web design agreement.

Business Proposal Template ➔

A polished business proposal is critical to generating new business for your company. Its important to include the sections that will help your prospects see why your company is the right choice for them.

Staffing Agency Proposal Template ➔

If you offer staffing or employment services to clients, you should streamline your proposals with our polished staffing agency proposal template.

Project Proposal Template ➔

Every successful project starts with a solid project outline and proposal. Kickstart your project with this customizable project proposal.

Digital Marketing Proposal Template ➔

Use our professional digital marketing proposal template to gain an edge on your competition and streamline your proposal process.

Software Proposal Template ➔

Building software has more than just timelines. Be clear about your requirements, include an accurate quote, keep technologies clear and concise with this solid Software Development Proposal.

Travel Proposal Template ➔

Whether you’re a Tour Operator or Travel Agent, this elegant travel proposal can be used as a proposal or itinerary. Engage your potential travelers with picturesque destination photos and video that highlight your offering.

SEO Proposal Template ➔

Getting your customers to rank higher on Google, Yahoo! and Bing is crucial, but you have to get them as a customer first. With our SEO Proposal Template, you’ll beat out the competition by showing examples of happy customers, video testimonials and more.

Cleaning Proposal Template ➔

This cleaning proposal template is perfect for both commercial and residential cleaning companies. This will help you present your offering in a professional and concise way.

IT Services Proposal Template ➔

Win more IT clients with this polished IT services proposal template. Set your company details, pricing and terms. Edit, and deliver in minutes. 

Graphic Design Proposal Template ➔

As a Graphic Designer, showing your customers your design work is the best way to land a customer. With this creative design sales proposal and estimate, you can display some of your best work and land new clients faster.

CRM Implementation Proposal Template ➔

Implementation Services for CRMs are a popular topic within organizations in order to keep up with competition. Be sure to have a professional looking proposal when approaching prospects. Include videos, specs and more to make your proposals more engaging.

Wedding Planner Proposal Template ➔

Planning a once in a lifetime event is important for both you and your clients. Impress your new prospects with this elegant and detailed wedding planner proposal template.

Mobile App Proposal Template ➔

With the growing need for Mobile App Developers, it’s key to stay on top of the competition. This App proposal template will help you do just that by delivering an effective and professional proposal.

Event Proposal Template ➔

First impressions are crucial when trying to close a new event planning customer. Provide an interactive Event Planner Sales Proposal to your customers to show your professionalism. Include amazing photos and videos of past events inside of your proposal.

Wordpress Proposal Template ➔

With popular CMS systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many many more, you’ll need to match your design skills with an elegant proposal such as this one. With just a click of a button, you can send your proposal for viewing while tracking the clients interest with our analytics.

Property Management Proposal Template ➔

Much like real estate, Property Management requires a high level of detail and professionalism. With this Property Management Proposal template, you’ll stand out from the competition.

Insurance Proposal Template ➔

Whether it’s Life, Car, Home or Health Insurance, this versatile Insurance proposal template will do the job just right. Track which insurance plans your client is interested in. Allow them to pick from a menu of services with Optional Line-items.

Construction Proposal Template ➔

This Construction Proposal template will help you get up and running quickly by including important sections win the next bid. Whether you do commercial or residential construction, this is the perfect template to both impress your client and quickly close the deal.

Investment Proposal Template ➔

Need a polished way to pitch your financial services to your potential clients? Our investment proposal template gives you the tools you need to explain your offering and fees.

Sponsorship Proposal Template ➔

Getting sponsorships done and signed for your event can be a real challenge. Deliver a sponsorship proposal you can be proud of by starting with this sponsorship proposal template.

Medical Proposal Template ➔

Save time and represent your medical product or service well with this flexible medical proposal template. This template includes a cover page, introduction, description of services, and pricing estimate sections.

Architecture Proposal Template ➔

Save time and represent your firm well with this Architecture Proposal Template. This template includes a cover page, introduction, description of services, estimate, and signature page sections.

Catering Proposal Template ➔

If you’re a catering professional and you’re tired of writing proposals and quotes, look no further than this professional catering proposal template to get you started.

Training Proposal Template ➔

Pitch your training services in style with this well-crafted training proposal template while outlining your training program details, pricing, and terms.

Event Venue Proposal Template ➔

If you manage a venue and you’re tired of sending proposals and estimates, look no further than this automated and polished event venue proposal template.

Solar Proposal Template ➔

Every great solar company should be sending great proposals out to their prospects. With this polished solar proposal template, you can introduce your company, educate your customer about the process, and quickly configure your solar estimate.

Interior Design Proposal Template ➔

If you offer interior design services and you’re tired of sending estimates and proposals, look no further than this automated and fillable interior design proposal template.

Sales Proposal Template ➔

The sales process is hard enough – make your life easier by starting with a professional sales proposal template you can be proud of. Describe your products & services, set your prices, and hit deliver.

Software Proposal Template ➔

Selling a software product isn’t easy, but this dynamic software proposal template takes the guesswork out of presenting a polished proposal and estimate to your prospects. Create, deliver, and track in minutes!

Website Proposal Template ➔

Writing a website proposal template takes both time and a keen eye to detail. This template gets you started right by providing detailed information around building and proposing a professional website.

Advertising Proposal Template ➔

Selling your advertising services can be a challenge, so we’ve made it simple with a polished advertising proposal that you can customize and use under your own brand. 

Photography Proposal Template ➔

Photography can be a competitive industry, that’s why we’ve created a polished photography proposal template you can use for your business. Edit & deliver now!

Grant Proposal Template ➔

We know it’s tough to secure funding for your project. That’s why we’re offering a free grant proposal template to get your funding across the finish line! Edit & deliver now.

Research Proposal Template ➔

Getting your research approved can be frustrating, so why not kickstart your research proposal with our free research proposal template outline?

Job Proposal Template ➔

If you are creating or pitching a new position for your company or staffing agency, then this job proposal template will offer a great kickstart to the hiring process.

Budget Proposal Template ➔

When you need to create and present a budget to a colleague or customer, look no further than our budget proposal template.

Bid Proposal Template ➔

Stand out above the competition with this polished bid proposal template. State your pricing and outline your companies history.

Landscaping Proposal Template ➔

If you’re tired of sending landscaping bids, estimates, and proposals for your landscaping company, then look no further than our customizable landscaping proposal template.

Service Proposal Template ➔

If you’re a service-based business and want to start sending a smart and polished proposal to customers that helps you close more business, then look no further than our service proposal template

Roofing Proposal Template ➔

Wow your roofing clients with a professional proposal that outlines your company, service, and roofing estimate. Edit and deliver this template in minutes!

Video Production Proposal Template ➔

Present your production company in style with our video production proposal template. State your pricing, terms, and close the deal quicker with built-in eSignatures.

Marketing Proposal Template ➔

Marketing is a constantly changing industry with new opportunities around every corner. With this polished Marketing Proposal, you’ll have a head start and win those deals over your competitors.

One Page Proposal Template ➔

When you need to get a proposal out quick, our free one-page proposal template will do just that. Set your pricing, and deliver in minutes.

Pressure Washing Estimate Template ➔

Land more pressure washing clients with our ready-made pressure washing estimate template that has sections for your company info, pricing estimate, and electronic signatures.

Saas Proposal Template ➔

Selling a SaaS product isn’t easy, but this SaaS proposal template takes the guesswork out of presenting a polished proposal and estimate to your prospects.

HVAC Proposal Template ➔

If you’re tired of writing estimates, bids, and proposals for your HVAC company, then we’ve got you covered with our customizable HVAC proposal template

Coaching Proposal Template ➔

Offering coaching services to clients? Propose your services in style with our free coaching proposal template. State your pricing, terms and program details.

Marketing Consulting Proposal Template ➔

Start winning more marketing clients with our modern marketing consulting proposal template. Customize, deliver, and track in minutes.

Translation Proposal Template ➔

If you offer translation services and are tired of sending tedious quotes and proposals, check out our free and ready-made translation proposal template. Customize and deliver in minutes.

Consulting Proposal Template ➔

No matter what consulting services you are offering, this consulting proposal will give you a solid foundation to pitch your company, services, pricing, and then close the deal quickly with built-in e-Signatures. 

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Wow Your Customers

Blow your clients away with a beautiful proposal that stands out above the rest. Add video and rich-media directly into your proposal pages for a more immersive sales presentation that’s sure to make an impact.

Set Your Prices

Quickly build quotes, bids, and estimates with our flexible estimate block. With optional line-items, optional quantities, taxes, discounts and more, you can quickly represent your products and services in a polished and readable format. Organize all your products and services in the Pricing Catalog for instant recall.

Work With Teammates

Easily collaborate with teammates on proposals. Mention team members to bring them into a proposal, or re-assign ownership when you need to handoff the proposal to another teammate.

Get It Signed

Close the deal faster with integrated e-Signatures. Place signatures, initials, and text field elements throughout your proposal wherever you need prospects to take action and your prospect is guided through a quick acceptance workflow to complete their acceptance. Counter-signing support is also included.

Track Everything

Ever wonder what happens to your proposal after you hit “send”? See detailed analytics and measure how each recipient is interacting with your sales material. Turn on real-time text or email notifications for proposal views and other key events.

Get Your Time Back

Save time and headaches by skipping the painful copy/paste and find & replace on all new proposals for your prospects and customers. Simplify your new proposal workflow to just a few clicks and go from spending hours on customizing new proposals to just minutes.

Related Templates:

A business proposal is a document businesses provide to potential clients to persuade them to invest in specific products or services. In most cases, business proposals are used by B2B companies.

Business plans differ from business proposals in many ways, including their level of specificity. When someone presents an annual business plan PPT or short business proposal PDF, they’re provided a broad view of the company from an operational level. With a business proposal, they’re providing a highly specific sales document detailing the way their company can help to solve another company’s problem. If you research the best business plan template PPT free download, you’ll be able to better understand the differences between these documents.

When the recipient of a business proposal doc agrees to the terms of that proposal, the next step is execution. If the client agrees to the proposal, both they and the business have to take steps to follow through with what the proposal promises.

When coming up with business proposal ideas, it’s important to understand that there are two primary types of proposals: solicited and unsolicited.

A solicited proposal is provided after a customer asks for it. They will reach out to you and send a request for proposal (also known as an RFP) asking for specific information. An unsolicited proposal is sent to a potential client even though they haven’t asked for it, because you think that your business’s products or services could benefit them.

Before you start researching the best proposal template or looking for a business proposal cover letter sample or contract proposal template, it’s best to clarify the type of proposal you’re sending. Knowing if you’re responding to an RFP or not can help you determine the right language to use and ensure you’re providing the best details to the recipient.

Sales Proposal Template

A sales proposal is a written document that a seller provides if they’re looking to sell specific goods or services to someone else (usually another business).

Delivering a sales proposal is a key part of the sales process, and the ultimate goal is to get the recipient interested in buying what your business is selling. Providing a sales proposal gives you an opportunity to talk up your business’s products or services and get the reader excited about working with you.

As with any other type of proposal, there are specific pieces of information you’ll need to include in your proposal. If you look at a standard sales proposal template, a SaaS sales proposal template, or an informal sales proposal example, you’ll see they all contain the same basic elements.

The following are some of the key details to include in your proposal:

  • Information about your company
  • Details about how your products or services can benefit the proposal recipient
  • A product sales contract
  • Information about products or services being purchased
  • Payment information
  • Terms and conditions related to the sale
  • Details about consequences if you or the recipient does not follow through with the proposed terms and conditions
  • A place for signatures

    There’s plenty to remember when writing a sales proposal. That’s why looking at a sample business proposal letter for services or using a sales proposal email template or letter template is so helpful.

    You can utilize the sales proposal template Google Docs provides or find a sales proposal template PowerPoint online, but Proposable’s template covers everything you need to know and is easy and free to fill out. Your unsolicited business proposal sample PDF or sample letter for approaching business can’t be edited after you’re finished, either, so you don’t have to worry about anything being changed without you knowing.

    Project Proposal

    Instead of providing details about a product or service being sold, a project proposal provides the recipient with information about a specific project. This includes the benefits the project will provide to them, materials needed, costs, and how long the project is expected to take to complete.

    Project proposals are meant to persuade the recipient. In this case, you’re persuading them to allow you to complete a particular project.

    A well-written project proposal must include certain details for it to be effective. If you look at any free project proposal template or work proposal template, you’ll get an idea of how to format your proposal and what to mention. The following are some of the key elements you’ll need to include:

    • Details of your vision for the project
    • The specific requirements that will need to be met (materials needed, budget, timeline, etc.)
    • A description of the deliverables (what you’ll provide as a result of the project being completed)
    • List of criteria that need to be met for the project to be successful
    • Specific project deadlines
    • A place for signatures/authorization

    To ensure that your project proposal is well-received, it helps to provide plenty of details and anticipate potential questions. If you look at a product business proposal letter sample, you’ll see that addressing these questions and clarifying the value of the project can help you get approval.

    There are lots of online resources out there that can help you put together an effective project proposal. Proposable’s Project Proposable Template is a great place to start. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a proposal cover letter sample doc, a general proposal letter template, or a one page business proposal template. Proposable has tons of proposal template doc and proposal template PDF options that are free and easy to fill out.

    Business Proposal Format Sample

    When it comes to putting together a business proposal outline, there are a few different options available to you as far as formatting the document is concerned. In general, though, if you look at a standard business proposal format sample or business proposal sample doc, you’ll see they contain the following:

    • Title page
    • Table of contents
    • Executive summary
    • Description of the problem you hope to solve
    • Details about your approach and methodology
    • Your qualifications
    • Your anticipated schedule and benchmarks
    • Details about money and legal matters

    Including this information outlined above is important for any type of proposal you’re working on. From a construction proposal template PDF to a contractor proposal template PDF, you’ll see that the same basic rules apply.

    A lot of people are able to start drafting a proposal without too many problems. It’s common for them to have questions, though, about ending a proposal letter in an effective way. Most of the time, when you look at a “how to end a proposal letter” example, you’ll find a recommendation to make a final sale and talk about the benefits you or your company can provide. 

    It’s important to remember that, whether you’re writing a business proposal letter for partnership, a hotel sales proposal template, or any other kind of proposal, it’s still, at the end of the day, a sales tool. It needs to be persuasive and also provide details that get the reader to trust you and your company.

    You can see plenty of examples of this online when you research different business proposal template doc styles or look at a business proposal sample PDF. It may also be helpful to look up a business proposal template PPT to get more ideas on how these documents ought to be worded and structured for the best results.

    Simple Business Plan Example

    As we mentioned above, a business plan is different from a business proposal. Business plans provide a more general overview of the company and its goals.

    Business plans may differ from proposals, but they’re just as important. Some companies may want to see a copy of your business plan before they agree to work with you. The same is true of lenders and shareholders, who will want to know your plans before they loan you money or decide to invest in your company.

    Every business owner ought to create a business plan early on. In addition to helping to give them credibility when talking to potential clients, lenders, and shareholders, it also provides a roadmap and helps them ensure they’re on the right track.

    If you’re not sure how to write a business plan, you can rest easy knowing that there are lots of resources available to you. From an online business plan template to a mini business plan outline, you can find plenty of tools that provide guidance, teach you the basic business plan order and format, and ensure you’re including all of the most relevant details.

    When you look at a simple business plan example and get ready to put a business plan on a page, you’ll notice that most samples, whether it’s a restaurant business plan sample or a general business plan presentation, will include the following pieces of information:

    • Executive summary
    • Business description
    • Marketing strategy
    • Analysis of competitors
    • Development and design plan
    • Operations and management plan
    • Financial information

    It’s important to keep in mind that business plans can change over time. You don’t have to be married to it for life. Business plans often evolve, but it’s still important to have some kind of business plan outline PDF or innovative business plan PPT to work from.