Graphic Design Proposal Template


Graphic designers give clients a way to communicate their message visually. With a graphic design proposal, you can display your work for potential clients and show them why your company is the right fit for them. The graphic design proposal template has sections to introduce your company, explain your services, and provide an estimate.

  • Take advantage of a convenient graphic design proposal template that you can edit depending on your requirements and the needs of your clients.
  • Underscore your company’s unique qualities, and showcase your people’s expertise in graphic design methodologies and technologies.
  • Effectively catalog your areas of specialization, whether it’s graphic design for brand identity, for newspapers and magazines, for print advertisements, for marketing collaterals, or for product labels and packaging.
  • Provide your prospective clients an easily understandable schedule of fees that estimate the costs associated with the services you render.

Perfect For

Graphic design agencies and visual communication studios that deliver various design services to clients.

Template Overview

Proposal Sections

About Us

Convincing clients to make you their graphic design studio of choice is easier when you have a well-written introduction about your company and of the people who serve as the creative force behind all your projects. This section of your proposal allows you to present all these information in detail.


This supporting introductory page details your company’s history, your areas of expertise, the services you render, and the methodologies and tools that you employ to make your visually stunning design projects possible.

Services and Technology

In this part of your proposal, you can discuss in detail the types of graphic design materials that you do. These can include graphic design for corporate identity, publications, print advertisements, or product packaging. You can also talk about the software and other technologies that you use, whether it’s Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other tools.


This section serves as an easy-to-understand list of the services you are rendering, as well as their associated costs. Here, you can outline cost estimates for services like general graphic design services, mock-up creation, printing costs, and others.

Agree and Sign

In this section, you and the client can seal your agreement with the signatures of your representatives.

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