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Research Proposal Template

Ready to start on a research proposal, but don’t know where to begin? Why not start with our polished research proposal template that helps you get your research thoughts on paper and gives you a solid structure to present your research.

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A good research proposal definition begins by understanding the purpose it, who uses it, and how you can make the research proposal process more manageable. Typically, a research proposal is a written document used by scientists, academics, and business owners who want to express their ideas and investigation regarding a particular subject. It seeks to request funding for this process from beginning to end.

Writing a proposal requires quantitative and qualitative research that creates a ‘blueprint’ for the relevant study. A typical research proposal structure includes the following sections:

  • Executive summary
  • Abstract.
  • Table of contents
  • Project background.
  • Purpose of research
  • Plan of action
  • Citations and references

If you tend to write many proposals in your work or studies, then you may want to consider using a research paper proposal outline alongside a research proposal example APA-formatted since this is the standard for this type of work. Doing so gives you a wealth of ideas regarding sections you can include in your paper, as well as how a proper research proposal outline format should look. Some writers find it helpful to review a research proposal sample PDF since this may also elevate your results.

Once you have a research proposal sample, you can start working with a research proposal template APA-style to begin your work. There are several tools available, like Proposable, to help you track and manage your research proposals. They can help you save time and money by avoiding the heavy work of having to create a brand new proposal document from scratch every time you want to write one. This can also allow you to mitigate errors or forget to add sections since you are working from the same piece every time.

Example of a Research Proposal Paper

Whether you are writing one for academia, government work, or private business, researchers typically use an example of a written research proposal PDF to help them gain funding for their research and projects competitively. Using examples of research proposal topics can help us better understand that there are two types of research proposals:

Solicited Research Proposals

Solicited research proposals are the types of proposals that you write in response to a Request for Proposal or RFP. Generally, the funding body will propose an initiative or seek resolution of a problem. They are often requested in a specific format, so you may find it helpful to work with an APA research proposal template doc to assist you in determining the particular elements to include in your solicited response.

Academia and the private sector tend to request solicited research proposals, which means that you might want to find a rock-solid example of research proposal paper to assist you in making yours stand out among the pack. If your proposal interests the funding party enough, then you can get your foot in the door for further consideration regarding the funding of your proposed solution.

Unsolicited Research Proposals

Unsolicited research proposals are a bit trickier than their solicited counterparts since a company, agency, or academic institution didn’t necessarily request input. However, they are not uncommon, and it’s a great way to show a potential client that you can provide solutions. There are entities that leave a general request for proposals open, so you may find opportunities in that regard as well.

It is worth the time to look for a format of a research proposal with examples when working with an unsolicited project since they may be able to help you determine what they should include. Make sure that you are using the writing sample for the right job. For example, you will want to use a business dissertation proposal example or a business research proposal sample pdf when soliciting private entities.

Free Research Proposal Examples

There are plenty of free research proposal samples online. However, they have their advantages and disadvantages when you decide to use them. Let’s examine what they are a little closer:

Pros of Free Research Proposal Samples

First, free research proposal samples PDF allows you to save time and money. Instead of having to pull a new document from scratch every time you need to write one, you can keep free research proposal samples doc on hand to help in this capacity.

The second advantage of free research templates involves the fact that they offer you clarity and consistency. Individuals who write research proposals tend to write them often, which means that building a new document from the ground up can create a situation where you forget sections or don’t include specific elements that are critical to the process.

Cons of Free Research Proposal Samples

Unfortunately, there are downsides to free research template tools compared to their premium counterparts. First, they often lack a high-quality aesthetic. They don’t give your submission that ‘polished’ look that make your document stand out. In short, they tend to look like a generic template because that’s what they are. The second disadvantage of a free proposal template is that it may be missing sections or critical areas in which you need to address.

Student Research Proposal Example

If you look at a student research proposal example, you will see their significance in the academic world. Scientists and researchers attempt to analyze a particular subject or topic and then create a meaningful solution for the problem. It’s often a precursor that gives rise to a master thesis example PDF or dissertation proposal sample word for future use.

A typical student research proposal example outline typically includes the following elements:

  • Introduction: An introduction provides the background and highlights the review of the paper.
  • Problem statement: Problem statements address the approach you are going to use to tackle your research.
  • Study purpose statement: Your purpose of study statement gives the reader a deep understanding of what the research will solve.
  • Literature Review: This section is used for discussing what is already known or certain about the project, such as past research.
  • Hypotheses: A hypotheses are the questions that your research plans to address.
  • Methods and Process: You use this section to describe how you plan to prove your hypotheses.
  • Limitations: Like anything in life, there are always limitations, which means it’s wise to share them with your reader when it comes to research.
  • Significance statement: Make sure you let them know why your work is relevant.
  • References: Inclusion of your research sources is critical to establishing the proper measures you took to back up your claims.

    Using templates is a critical component of getting your paper right since they offer a comprehensive view of what should go into it. Again, make sure you use the appropriate template for the research at hand. For example, undergraduate students will benefit from looking at an undergraduate research proposal sample. Graduate students will want to use a masters dissertation proposal example, sample dissertation proposal in education, or writing a proposal for your dissertation guidelines and examples PDF.

    PH.D. Research Proposal Template

    Obtaining a Ph.D. is not for the faint of heart. It takes several years of hard work and dedication in the arena of study and research. The ultimate accomplishment of any Ph.D. candidate hinges upon his or her success in defending the dissertation. Students can use a Ph.D. research proposal template to help them write a document that focuses on how they spent their time researching at the university or institution. There are several great academic resources to a Ph.D. proposal template doc that can help you get started, including:

    In addition to academic research options, there are several free and premium tools, like Proposable, to help you get a jump on your next short Ph.D. proposal example. It is also critical that you look for a solution that addresses your particular area of study. For instance, a Ph.D. research proposal example computer science includes elements that are specific to software and developing that another template won’t, like Ph.D. proposal examples social sciences.

    Over the final section, we are going to conclude this guide with another type of graduate research proposal for the field of psychology.

    Psychology Research Proposal Example

    A critical component to the academic achievements of a psychology major lies within his or her ability to use their analytical, research, and reasoning skills since they are heavy components of this field. While one may think it is best to use a lengthy, tedious document, most researchers and professionals advocate that students keep them concise and succinct to drive their point home further.

    If you are attempting to obtain your psychology degree, you may want to use a psychology research proposal example to assist you in writing your paper. It can help you include crucial elements such as:

    • A clear hypothesis statement seated in logic and reasoning
    • A statement that describes how you plan to prove your hypothesis
    • What you expect the outcome to be after your research concludes

    While the preceding list isn’t exhaustive, you can use a psychology research proposal example PDF or a scientific research proposal sample to ensure that you have considered your work from every critical angle.

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