We’re excited to break the news about some game-changing features we’ve just added to help you supercharge your proposal designs.

1. New – Proposal “Auto-Paging” Enables a Consistent Web & PDF Proposal Experience For You and Your Prospects.

Over the past year, we’ve heard from you, our users, loud and clear that you need the web-version of your proposals to precisely match your PDF and printed versions. We hit the drawing board 6 months ago and after much refactoring, testing, and user feedback, we finally have a solution we are proud of and we’re calling it “Proposal Paging”. This new feature lets you build proposal sections using “pages” rather than just one long continuous section. Proposal Paging also smartly auto-separates large blocks of content onto appropriate pages for an automatically polished web-to-PDF and Web-to-paper experience.

Learn how to enable and use proposal paging


2. New – Page Backgrounds Give you Pixel-Perfect Control of your Proposal Template Designs.

Want full control over your proposal designs? Proposal designs with page backgrounds give you pixel-perfect control of your proposal page designs. We get you started quick with ready-to-use polished stock backgrounds as well as giving you the option to upload your own custom backgrounds.

3. See Proposal Paging and Page Backgrounds in Action.

Our free sample business templates have gotten a big refresh using these newly launched features, so get inspired and Check out the redesigned free Sample Templates.

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