Many sales proposals we’ve seen are overly long, poorly thought out, and many are downright embarrassing. Whether it’s a lack of simplicity or a failure to understand the customer, many sales proposals are doomed to be ignored by your prospect.

But, your proposal doesn’t have to end it’s life in the trash can. Getting your proposals in winning shape is actually easier than you might think. Here are four solid tips that will improve your sales proposals immediately.

1.) Keep ’em shorter and sweeter

Most people don’t have time to read documents that are more than a few pages. This is especially true if you’re in b2b sales where you’re pitching your product or service to busy people who who are managing their own businesses and have lots on their plate. A lot of sales and marketing professionals recommend that your proposal be only 2-5 pages long – a far cry from the 10-20 page proposals we’ve encountered.

We understand that not all products can be sufficiently explained in just a couple of pages. However, when writing your proposal, make sure that you understand how it will be read through the eyes of your potential customer. You don’t want to waste their time with unnecessary info about yourself or features that they may not understand. In the end, clearly stating the core benefits of your product or service to your prospect with as few words and as few pages as possible will go a long way.

2.) Use engaging images and videos

Try to use engaging images and video to help your prospect visualize understand the benefits you’re offering and will help you stand out from the lifeless proposals your prospect has received in the past. With an app like Proposable, you can easily embed videos and images directly into your proposal pages for a more engaging sales pitch and will help give your proposal that “Wow” factor. Check out some free examples of proposal templates with engaging content image and video content here.

3.) Prove that you understand the pain

Maybe it’s the stress of monthly quotas, but many salespeople don’t seem to be overly concerned with addressing their prospect’s specific needs, and it often shows in a proposal that lacks empathy. A sales proposal should communicate early on that you understand exactly what their pain is, and that you have a great solution for that pain. Maybe even cite an instance where your solution solved another similar customer’s problem.

4.) Make it personal

Your prospects don’t want to receive a generic proposal or feel that they are just one of a hundred proposals you’ve sent this month. So, give them something personalized. Make sure the things you’ve learned from your prospect gets translated into your proposal. Since writing a new proposal from scratch for each customer can be tedious, you should consider a proposal automation tool that helps you create personalized proposals fast. Using an app like Proposable will make it simple to reuse and quickly customize proposals, pricing, and other content for each new prospect you are working with, without sounding generic or bland. Try Proposable for free today.