Proposable users have created over 30,000 proposals using our online proposal software since our launch in March 2010! This is a huge milestone and we are excited to be on the forefront of this online proposal revolution. Here’s to our fantastic subscribers and all your valuable feedback!


New Help Video Area:

We have now added our growing list of help videos to our site through an easy to navigate help window.


Bolder Acceptance Button:

Our acceptance button is now bolder and greener, making it even easier for your clients to accept that beautifully crafted proposal.


Highrise Integration Update:

The Proposable/Highrise integration now automatically updates the status of Highrise Deals to “won” as recipents click and accept a delivered proposal.


Analytic Page Updates:

Our new private URL copy feature gives you a dead-simple way to copy your private proposal URL’s. Also, the proposal title at the top of the analytics page is now a clickable link back to the proposal preview.