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Catering Contract Template

If you’re a catering company looking to secure a new client relationship, or are looking to work with a catering company, we’ve got an easy solution for you in our free catering contract template. Fill and deliver this template in minutes and have both parties sign immediately with built-in eSignatures.

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There are several areas of managing a catering business in which you must engage to provide comprehensive services while also outshining the competition.

While it may all seem like cooking, catering contracts must be managed like a business to showcase your abilities to be professional. A few things that you must maintain in catering business include:

  • Food preparation
  • Dining service
  • Menu planning
  • Marketing
  • Administration
  • Legal considerations

This assertion means that having a firm catering contract in place is essential to the success of your business. If the process sounds daunting, it is helpful to use a catering contract template to help you streamline the process.

There are a lot of inadequate resources out there, which can make finding the right catering contract PDF or catering contract worksheet a challenge. A blank catering order form is easy to find, but there are other elements that your catering contract doc should include:

  • A description of your company and background
  • An overview of the food and services you provide
  • The expected fee and payment schedule
  • The deadline for making any changes
  • How catering contract insurance coverage is provided
  • Health and safety requirements
  • Your specific cancellation policy
  • What happens if the contract is in breach

Incorporating these elements into your catering contract form template is an excellent way to set the expectation and tone with your clients while protecting yourself from liability. It is a process that further secures your ability to stand out from the competition while providing a way to match expectations with reality.

In this guide, the Proposable team expands on the catering contract, meaning as well as the location of catering contracts available. Let’s kick off the discussion by describing what goes into creating a catering form.

Catering Form

Aside from the basics that go into catering document templates, other specific types lend to the proper catering form. Sometimes, a general catering form sample is not adequate to address the particular issues associated with managing clients.

Here are a few other contracts you may want to include into your suite of tools:

Catering inquiry form template: You can use this convenient document to streamline the process of managing customer inquiries.

Catering intake form: Instead of trying to play it by ear, you can use this type of structure to help you ask the right questions every time.

Catering partnership agreement: Not all catering companies are a one-person show. If you have a business partner, this agreement can make your relationship run more smoothly.

Catering service agreement PDF: As described in the previous section, an agreement is the best solution for outlining your services while setting the expectation.

Contract between venue and caterer: If an event is occurring off-site, and most are, you will have to define the guidelines between you and the external site.

It is also vital that you utilize a state-specific contract. For example, if you live in California, you should use a catering contract California template document for a better result.

BBQ Catering Contract

BBQ is something that all meat-eaters savor. Therefore, you are going to receive a ton of BBQ catering contract inquiries. Some events will be specific and require language that speaks to one particular event. For example, a wedding BBQ catering contract is appropriate for an event where two people are getting married.

The BBQ catering contract template you select must take a few things into account. Instead of preparing food off-site or behind closed doors, you will be cooking in front of guests.

This action gives rise to unique needs that traditional catering contracts do not address. For example, what happens if you offer pig roast catering, and how do you address the safety and liability concerns that surround it?

It is a good question that indicates you will need to pay extra attention to the insurance and liability waivers in your contract. Describe how far away guests must be from the area, what happens if someone gets hurt, and where your limitations stand.

Again, you will want to use state-specific language in this regard as well. BBQ catering Flint, Michigan contracts are suitable for a company that offers on-site or mobile BBQ catering Michigan services, as an example.

Food Truck Catering Contract Template

A food truck catering contract template is a great way to protect your food truck catering business. What a cool place to spend your professional career. Keep it going by having the right food truck vendor event contract in place.

After the rise of reality television programs, event organizations and private parties have caught on to the wonderful world of food trucking. Therefore, you can expect to receive a ton of business from your food truck services.

There are essential contracts to have in place while addressing the unique aspects of running this business. For example, you will need to secure a location by having a food truck space agreement, food truck space rental agreement, or food truck space lease agreement on hand.

If you are still working on obtaining your own food truck, you will also need a food truck rental agreement PDF or food truck lease agreement PDF to ensure your rights to using the vehicle. There isn’t anything more detrimental to a food truck business than not having a food truck to use.

When you register with the secretary of state’s office, you will also need to provide a copy of your food truck operating agreement. This document describes how you conduct business and who is responsible for its assets and liabilities.

Formal Catering Contract

Legal liability is a major consideration when running a catering company. This concept is especially true when offering formal catering contract services.

Typically, formal catering is hired for a significant life moment or event. While you may be prompted to utilize a free catering order template, doing so may not make you look as professional and polished as you would like.

Before learning how to get catering contracts, you must have the right language and documentation in place. Depending on the event, you will want to have a hotel catering contract, outside catering agreement, or exclusive catering agreement in place.

Using a simple preferred caterer agreement is possible using premium templating software, like Proposable. Not only can you send out contracts quickly, but you can also manage the proposal process using dashboard analytics while giving your clients a chance to safely and securely sign their agreement with you.


Fill & deliver this agreement.