We’re almost through the whirlwind that was 2016 and we’re taking a moment to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and to give you our year-end update from the Proposable Team.

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Here’s our roundup of the top 10 enhancements we’ve made to our platform during 2016 and a sneak peak of what’s next.

  1. NEW – “Initials” and “Open Text” Fillable Fields
  2. NEW – Signature Placement / Counter-signatures
  3. NEW – Deliver Proposals through your own email Service
  4. NEW – Better Google Font support
  5. NEW – Proposal Data Export for deep sales analysis
  6. Page Backgrounds functionality for more precise proposal design control
  7. Sales Departments for sales team segregation & reporting.
  8. More Integrations (Microsoft Dynamics, Zapier)
  9. Sales Team Stats report for tracking sales team performance
  10. Sales Department Stats report for tracking department performance

Fillable Fields Are Here & they rock.

E-signature Software

In addition to placing and collecting signatures throughout your proposals, we’ve now added 2 more Fillable Fields to make capturing important prospect data easier than ever. We’ve added an “Initials” field and an “Open Text” field, so you can collect the right data you need at the time your prospect is accepting your proposal.

Collaboration is now in Beta!

Proposal Software Collaboration

We’ve reimagined proposal collaboration and we’re weeks away from releasing a powerful new way to interact with your team inside your proposals. It’s a game-changer and we know you’re going to love it.

But, before we launch to the world, we are looking for a handful of companies who’d like to kick the tires and give us their feedback before our big release. If you’re into the latest and greatest in sales tech, click here and sign up for a demo so we can show it off and get you early access.

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