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Subscription Agreement

When you need to work out the details of buying or selling shares, you’ll need to have both parties sign an agreement that clearly states the expectations. Why not use our fillable subscription agreement to kickstart your process. Deliver this agreement and get it signed in minutes with built-in eSignatures.

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Related Templates:

A subscription agreement is essentially an application submitted by an investor for the purpose of joining a limited partnership. Such an agreement can also be used as a form of a contract between a business and a subscriber. The business in question would use this agreement to outline the specific amount of shares at a specific price that will be sold to the subscriber, and additionally, the subscriber agrees to purchase the shares at the designated price.

So when is a subscription agreement necessary? If a business (the issuer of the shares in question) decided to sell their own shares to a subscriber, it’s always necessary to use a subscription agreement. This protects the business in the event that the subscriber decides that they no longer wish to purchase the shares or pay the designated price, and it also protects the subscriber from being swindled into paying more for their shares or recieving fewer shares than agreed.

Knowing what information must be included in a subscription agreement is key to drafting the best possible one for your unique situation. On a basic level, all subscription agreements should contain information about the following:

  • Issued shares
  • Exact price per share
  • Payment details
  • Securities exemption (if applicable)
  • A detailed evaluation of the overall risk involved
  • Additional clauses for your unique situation

If you’re in need of a free monthly subscription contract template, look no further than Proposable. Proposable makes it easy to generate sweat equity agreement PDF files and basic subscription agreements for your business, all through using our user-friendly quick-fill editor. We know that subscription agreements are highly specific documents designed for specific situations between a subscriber, investor, firm, or business. Proposable’s editor makes it easy to completely customize and personalize your subscription agreement to fit your unique situation.

Private Placement Memorandum

A private placement is the sale of a business’s stock shares (as well as bonds) to predetermined and specially selected investors. This is an alternative to selling stock shares in the open market for businesses that want to increase their overall capital for the purpose of expanding. A private placement memorandum is a disclosure agreement or document that is used to provide possible investors with a more in-depth look into what the business’s operations are really like. It is used to allow the investor the chance to decide is their investment in the business is suitable or relatively low-risk.

A share purchase agreement’s private placement memorandum document should include, on a basic level, the following information:

  • The company’s financial statements
  • Brief management biographies
  • A detailed description of the business selling its securities
  • A detailed description of the business operations
  • The terms of the offering
  • The risks of the investment
  • Additional specific clauses

For businesses that are utilizing a PPM to expand their business, one of the main ways they can sell equity is through shares and bonds. Bonds are loaned funds that mature after a certain amount of time, and while they are low-risk they also tend to have low returns. A share is a type of owned fund that has a perpetual earning life. While a share can have very high returns, they are also risky and very volatile in the investment world. To put it simply, bonds are safer but don’t make as much money, while shares are major money-makers with a lot of risk.

Because of the nature of private placement memorandums, it’s very important that one’s PPM document and bond subscription agreement covers all the necessary information required to attract investors. With Proposable, you can draft your own simple subscription agreement and PPM document through the use of a share subscription agreement template.

Subscription Agreement LLC

When running a limited liability company (LLC), it is extremely important to keep very good track of shares that are sold. It is also very important to manage the details of when they were sold and how much they were sold for.

One main way that many companies keep track of this important information is through the consistent practice of creating subscription agreement LLC documents for all share sales that are not simply placed in the open market.

But why does tracking this information with subscription agreements matter? The biggest reason why tracking matters is for accounting records. Whenever a company sells equity, accurate records of the transaction are necessary for tax season. Keeping records of these agreements is a valuable practice in the sense that they determine if any profits from a specific sale should be taxed at long-term or short-term capital gain rates.  Plus, tracking your share sales over time can show you how well your business is performing.

Proposable’s free fillable subscription agreement PDF template is the quickest and easiest way to get started with drafting your own subscription agreement private placement document. Our template editor makes it incredibly easy to customize your agreement to suit your business’s needs.

Subscription Agreement Template

There are many benefits (as well as a few downsides) to using free resources online to create a subscription agreement.

To begin with, they’re free! That’s one less bill to worry about in the context of your company. Many free templates, especially those from Proposable, are extremely well-made and designed by people who use subscription agreements regularly. Unfortunately, one downside of free resources and templates for subscription agreements is that sometimes they can lack in additional features.

There are some benefits to using a premium service to create and deliver your subscription agreement as well. While premium services cost money, platforms like Proposable are extremely affordable and offer tons of extra features to fully customize your subscription agreement template. Plus, premium platforms are often very user-friendly and make the process of drafting a subscription agreement extremely easy.

If you’re interested in using a platform for creating and delivering subscription agreements, you’re in luck! It’s so easy to use Proposable’s subscription agreement templates. With Proposable, users can deliver and track their proposals and sell smarter. Through our very simple fillable document software, you can get agreements signed using built-in e-signatures. Making your own subscription agreements has never been so easy!

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