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Marketing Services Agreement

If you’re a marketing agency or looking to hire one to increase your brand’s exposure, it’s crucial that you sign a marketing services agreement that both sets expectations and protects you legally. We’ve made it easy to start customizing your own contract immediately with our free, fillable marketing services agreement template. This template gives you a simple framework for creating, delivering, and getting contracts signed quickly. Customize and deliver in minutes, then get it signed with built-in eSignature.

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You could offer the best product in the world in your niche but if you don’t have good marketing, you won’t sell much. Why? Because no one can buy from you if they don’t know about you.

This is what makes having the right marketing services crucial to your company’s success.

Marketing has looked different through the ages, but businesses have always relied on some form of marketing to promote their services or sell their goods. Back in the day it was a little cruder, perhaps just a wooden sign outside the shop with a picture of what they sold. Word-of-mouth was also big in small towns.

As the world became more connected and more people learned to read, businesses needed to read a wider audience. They began creating flyers and other materials to pass around/mail out about their services.

Nowadays, word-of-mouth marketing is still alive, but things have gotten a lot more sophisticated. Digital marketing is integral to a business’ success in 2020, whether that be content marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing.

This can be a lot of work for an individual company. However, many companies choose to outsource to a marketing company. As professionals, they have streamlined the process and can offer their marketing services, often cheaper than the company can do it inhouse.

When you hire a marketing company, you’ll enter an agreement with them. You can take a look at a marketing services agreement PDF to see what one looks like on We make it easy to write up the documents you need, whether that be an agreement for marketing and brand development services, a sales support agreement, or a desk licensing agreement.

Even if you have a specific need, like a mortgage marketing services agreement, we have a template for it on our site.

Digital Marketing Services Agreement

Digital marketing is a huge business in 2020. Digital marketing software alone is valued at 43.8 billion dollars. There are several types of marketing that are all considered digital marketing including email, social media, and content marketing. Digital marketing can be inexpensive or even free using Facebook Ads or Instagram marketing strategies.

In fact, social marketing is a big player in marketing for businesses of all sizes. Companies can leverage popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more to get the news out about their product or service. Social scheduling apps like Buffer or Hootsuite help businesses to streamline the process.

If you’re going to offer your services as a digital marketing company, you’ll need a digital marketing services agreement. Having an agreement like this in place with your clients clearly lays out what the business is paying and what services they expect to receive in return.

The digital services agreement needs to have a few essential in place to ensure that both parties are clear on the services being offered. This includes the term for which the agreement is valid and provisions for renewal and cancellation. The digital services being offered must be clearly spelled out, as specifically as possible. 

Compensation information should be included. Is it a set monthly payment? Will the digital marketer receive a bonus at certain milestones?

Other essential elements include any warranties the marketer may offer, who owns the intellectual property, which state’s laws will govern a dispute, and how disputes will be handled. 

You’ll need a lot of agreements during the course of your work. We make it easy to write and manage them on

You can look at a digital marketing retainer agreement example, a software marketing agreement, a marketing sales agreement, and a freelance marketing contract template on our site. You can also see specific paperwork such as font licensing for commercial use, an email marketing agreement template, or a media contract sample.

Co-Marketing Agreement

Sometimes two or more companies will join together to promote and market each other’s services. To do this they’ll sign a co-marketing agreement, also known as a marketing collaboration agreement or joint marketing agreement.

Why would they do this?

Through this arrangement, businesses can take advantage of a larger audience by marketing to each other’s customers. They can also launch collaborative advertising projects, sharing the cost but enjoying all the exposure.

Co-marketing guidelines in the form of a formal agreement are an absolute necessity when companies choose to co-market. Everything needs to be clearly laid out in black and white to avoid misunderstandings or one company trying to take advantage of the other.

Businesses can co-market through a variety of mediums. They might put on events, offer promotions together, or collaborate on content, promotional ads, and other types of advertising.

Also be aware of co-marketing vs co-branding. While co-marketing means collaborating on advertising, co-branding involves building a new product together — which, as you might imagine, is more complicated. Companies have to clearly define who is responsible for what during the development process as well as how much of the proceeds they are each entitled to.

Since all the companies involved have a lot at stake, a clear co-marketing agreement must be in place to protect everyone’s legal interest. Here at, we make it simple to draft full agreements that can hold up in court if necessary.

You can see some great co-marketing examples on our site. Check out a co-marketing agreement for pharmaceutical companies or a marketing partnership agreement template.

Regardless of what kind of co-marketing agreement you need, you can find a template on our site that will make the process simple. 

Marketing Consultant Agreement

A marketing consultant provides a complementary service to a digital marketing agency. While the agency handles the nuts and bolts, the “menial” tasks of digital marketing, a marketing consultant is a highly trained professional. Their job is to help businesses develop their marketing strategy and build their brand.

In other words, they come up with the plan that the digital marketing company puts into practice.

If you already have a good idea of the marketing strategy that you want to put into action then hiring a marketing consultant may not be necessary. However, if you feel you need some fresh, expert ideas to propel your business forward, a consultant is a great choice.

If you decide to hire a consultant, you’ll also need to sign a marketing consultant agreement. This agreement will clearly lay out the consultant’s responsibilities for creating your marketing plan and what tasks they will be responsible for.

Just as with the digital marketing services agreement, having a strong marketing consultant agreement is a must. It’s too easy for little things to be misunderstood without everything clearly laid out in black and white.

It might seem like a drag but we make it easy with our marketing consultant agreement PDFs. And if a dispute ever does arise, you will be so glad you have a solid contract to fall back on.

At we offer a variety of contract templates for you to choose from. Check out our art consultant contract, management consultant contract, form consulting agreement, and our short consulting agreement template. We also have specific templates like a startup consultant agreement for your tech company or a KOL agreement template for your pharmaceutical company.

Our templates are easy to follow and will make filling out your paperwork a breeze. Now you don’t have to dread sitting down to work on your agreements and you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered if any disputes arise.

Marketing for Mortgage Brokers

Marketing in the real estate world and marketing for mortgage brokers is similar to any other type of digital marketing. Marketers must identify their target audience and build a comprehensive marketing strategy around that.

They can make use of mortgage marketing tools like content marketing, email lists, Facebook advertising, PPC ads, and remarketing strategies. Some mortgage brokers rely mostly on purchasing lists of leads, but honestly, generating these leads on their own through these marketing strategies for loan officers is a far more effective plan.

There’s one big exception that real estate professionals and mortgage brokers must be aware of. RESPA, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, doesn’t allow for certain types of co-marketing.

RESPA was enacted to protect consumers from mortgage brokers who were inflating escrow accounts and forcing consumers to choose a certain title company, among other things. They did this, of course, in return for large kickbacks from other companies.

Now, to remain in compliance with the law, it can be very tricky for mortgage companies and title companies or real estate agents to take part in co-marketing. 

How does RESPA affect the loan officer and real estate agent relationship? Can a real estate agent also be a loan officer? Can you be a real estate agent and mortgage broker? Yes, but full disclosure must be provided to the client.

Looking for a way to create the necessary paperwork easily? Check out a marketing manager contract template or a loan officer marketing plan template on

We have everything you need to make contracts and marketing plans a breeze!

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